Mazda tribute

Mazda Tribute debuted in 2000.

Mazda Tribute Second Test 'Main Road'

This luxury SUV has an individual style that is complemented by a spacious and comfortable interior. Appearance Tribute is consistent with modern standards. A tall car with a tightly knit body, endowed with all the generic features inherent in cars of the brand Mazda. This model organically combines a sporty character with an off-road vehicle. It combines elegance and elegance with a harsh and purposeful appearance. Reasonable dimensions facilitate maneuverability, but the Tribute is still higher and wider, as well as more capacious than other cars of this class.

A wide rut of front and rear wheels emphasizes the harsh look of the car, while increasing its stability. The five-pointed grille is typical for all modern Mazda cars. Together with a massive bumper and multi-reflector headlights that provide maximum visibility, it gives the car an aggressive look. Tribute - the longest car in its class.

Salon leaves a sense of spaciousness and rationality. The car will comfortably accommodate five people. Short overhangs provide maximum space in the cabin and luggage compartment, while at the same time facilitating maneuvering. Tribute is the most capacious car in its class.

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Particularly impressive is the legroom (1,100 mm at the front and 950 mm at the back) and shoulders (1050 mm at the front and 930 mm at the rear).

The lack of design delights is compensated by ergonomics, which should be assessed only positively - everything is in its place. The external dynamics of the Tribute is reflected in the stylish dashboard and ergonomic layout of the interior. The driver of the car provides a sense of master of the road, and passengers will appreciate the comfortable height of the landing and large doorways. The optimized seat height provides excellent driving position and best visibility for its class.

Ergonomic seats reduce fatigue of the driver and passengers, evenly distributing the pressure on the cushion and backrest. The rear seats in the form of benches have sufficient dimensions for comfortable accommodation of three adult passengers. The mechanism of their unfolding in the 60/40 ratio is simple and convenient, and the folding glass of the boot hatch and the presence of luggage traverses on the roof (standard on all models) also allows you to carry long loads.

To protect its passengers from possible trouble, standard Mazda Tribute equipment is dual airbags, side airbags for the front seats, ABS system with electronic brake-force distribution (EBD), which optimally changes the braking force to the rear wheels depending on the vehicle load. The rigid construction of the body uses the well-known construction of the triple "H" - additional fortifications in the roof, side parts and the floor, which carefully surround passengers from all sides.

Bearing body, independent suspension of all wheels and "Ford" power units are the key to good driving characteristics. A permanent four-wheel drive with the possibility of forced locking of the center differential does not limit the habitat of the car only asphalt roads.

Independent suspension does not allow rolls to develop in long corners, and the transmission scheme (70% of torque is transmitted to the front axle, 30% to the rear) makes the car's habits close to front-wheel drive. The Tribute's handling is like a passenger car: it keeps a straight line, is very stable in corners, and in intense turns, the reaction of the car is not fast, but absolutely predictable.

The Mazda Tribute has two versions of the 2.0-liter engine and one 3.0-liter engine; the 24-valve V6 DOHC engines offer a choice of power from 124 to 197 hp, providing a smooth ride, quiet operation and reliability. 2.0-liter engines are combined with a 5-speed manual transmission, and the 3.0-liter version is equipped with a 4-speed manual. The Mazda Tribute uses a high-tech Rotary Blade Coupling drive system with a lock that automatically detects when the front wheels start to slip and hydraulically connects the rear wheels for reliable traction.

After the 2004 update, the Mazda Tribute became more elegant and sporty. Thanks to the endurance of this SUV, a high level of quality, workmanship, safety and excellent driving performance, he has a lot of fans.

The new engine (2,3 V6) combines high power and quiet running, similar to luxury cars. For the safe movement of a modern automatic system Select 4WD. In the interior design, the new center console and instrument panel acquired shades of metal and graphite, and the dials have a red backlight.

Mazda Tribute - a car with which you will always feel calm and confident.

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