Mazda premacy

2010 MAZDA PREMACY - 7 Seater

Mazda Premacy is an elegant, most functional vehicle with sporty body lines that not only attract attention but also hide innumerable advantages. The car is a front-wheel drive 5-7-seater wagon of increased capacity (minivan) on Mazda 323 units with an increased wheelbase.

The premiere of the car was held in March 1999 at the Geneva Motor Show. When creating Premacy, the Familia platform was taken as the basis. The attractive sides of this car are compact size and easy handling, putting it on a par with sedans. The body is equipped with 4 doors "Sedanovsky" type plus rear hinged.

In addition to the modification, the cabin of which is equipped with three rows of seats, there is also a modification that has five seats arranged in two rows.

By the way, the third-row seats can be easily removed, thereby increasing the luggage compartment.

The car is based on a typical sedan with its inherent features: a low center of gravity, a comfortable suspension and excellent handling. The turning radius of the car is less than 10 m. In terms of body size, this minivan, complete with seven seats, belongs to the class of small cars.

Sensitive steering, upgraded suspension and brakes allow you to feel real driving pleasure and give a sense of complete control over the road. All car electronics, acting unobtrusively, accurately and accurately, prevents critical situations.

Ergonomics of the driver's workplace at the height. Three adjustments to the seats and one adjustment of the steering wheel (along the steering column) are enough to take a comfortable posture.

Salon is multifunctional. It offers more than forty different options for its layout. Each seat can be easily removed (it weighs 12 kg), folded, folded, moved to other seats, turned into a table. In the end, you can leave only the driver's seat. About thirty secret compartments, drawers for storing small items, several cup holders, plus folding tables.

Under the rapid hood can hide one of two engines: a volume of 1.8 l / 114 hp or 2.0 l. turbo diesel capacity of 90 liters. with. The two-liter version is also possible with an automatic transmission. It offers an aerodynamic package in the form of spoilers on the perimeter and alloy wheels 16. Chrome finish body parts is standard on the 2.0 liter version.

In the standard version 2.0 liter - fog lights, headlight washers, heated seats and mirrors, power windows, six airbags, air conditioning with a hypoallergenic dust filter, adjustable steering column, anti skidding (TCS).

Mazda Premacy has excellent driving characteristics and excellent interior, the model is able to meet the needs of the most demanding consumer, who, when choosing a vehicle, prefers multi-purpose vehicles.

In 2005, sales of the new generation Mazda Premacy began. This car is equipped with sliding doors on both sides of the body. Sliding doors allow you to increase the space of the doorway and thus increase the convenience of the cabin itself. Thanks to the introduction of this innovation, the doorway width is now 700 mm. In addition, as an option, an electric drive for sliding doors is provided. It allows you to more smoothly and clearly open the door. The car is available in versions with all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive.

Premacy 4WD is equipped with Active Torque Control Coupling (ATTC), which controls the distribution of torque between the front and rear wheels in accordance with the speed and position of the throttle valve.

The driver can easily switch the car between all-wheel drive and semi-drive mode when changing road conditions. Premacy 4WD has a particular advantage on slippery or snowy roads, since the ATTC can significantly improve vehicle stability. A four-wheel drive version exists in all Premacy models equipped with a 2-liter MZR engine. The design of the new Premacy is made in the stylistic philosophy of Mazda - "Contrasts in harmony". Smooth lines and noble surfaces of this car are both modern and dynamic. Its unique shape is emphasized by the bumper and headlights. One glance is enough to appreciate the individuality, spirit and compactness of this minivan.

A completely new cabin design provides enough space for all five passengers. The air circulation system is equipped with a unique filter that is 10 times more efficient than a regular one. This is the first filter in the world to even capture aldehydes.

In addition to a full set of traditional elements of active and passive safety, Premacy was first used by Mazda invented airbag deactivation system, which “feels” when the seat is occupied by adults and also by a child and adjusts the airbag and seat belt accordingly.

The new Premacy is offered with a choice of two economical engines. The first, the power unit of 1.8 liters and a power of 100 horsepower. The second, powerful 2-liter engine with 135 horsepower.

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