Mazda demio

Mazda Demio - the car of the middle class with a transverse engine and front wheel drive.

2012 MAZDA DEMIO (MAZDA 2) SKYACTIV - Exterior Interior

It was first introduced in Japan in August 1996, in Europe - in August 1998.

The Demio design is a compact hatchback platform, on which a rather high (1,550 mm) body was placed. This allowed us to get a large useful volume, and make the car very practical.

With small dimensions of the car body has a spacious interior. Seatbacks set almost a straight fit. Windshield wipers and washer control is focused on the stalk lever. Large glazing contributes to good visibility. The rear seat can be pushed forward by increasing the amount of luggage compartment.

Models for the domestic market are equipped with an engine capacity of 1.5 liters and a capacity of 99 liters. with., cars going for export are equipped with a 16-valve engine of 1.3 liters and a capacity of 72 liters. with.

The choice of the buyer offered Demio equipped with gasoline engines of 1.3 and 1.5 liters, 5-speed gearbox or 4-speed automatic.

Depending on its equipment, the Mazda Demio was produced in the following modifications (in order of increasing number of options): L, LX, LX-G, LX-F, GL, GL-X, Aletta (from September 2000). In the minimum equipment L car is equipped with air conditioning, driver airbag (passenger and ABS optional). In the LX version, the rear wiper is added as standard and the front spoiler is optional, and additional body colors appear.

In 2000, Demio has undergone a restyling. Visually no major changes occurred. There are new headlights, new false grille and new bumpers, which are painted in body color. We worked on the suspension settings, which, according to the creators, made the car more comfortable. In the cabin, except for the control panel, which has become two-color, nothing has changed.

In August 2002, the second-generation Mazda Demio premiered in Japan. By the way, in foreign markets the car will be sold under the brand name Mazda 2.

The design of the novelty is very traditional, but functional. Attention is drawn to the front part in the style of the Mazda 6, "underlined" wheel arches, comfortable door handles under the "natural" grip and "panoramic" glass tailgate.

At the heart of the Demio is the new generation Ford Fiesta hatchback platform. A wide range of adjustment of the driver's seat in length (250 mm) and height (55 mm) and an adjustable steering column will allow you to get comfortable behind the wheel for drivers with a height of 150 to 190 cm.

2009 Mazda Demio Overview!

And the entrance-exit is facilitated by wide doors, swinging open almost at a right angle.

The next update was waiting for the Mazda Demio in 2005. The dimensions of the body in the new model are as follows: length - 3925 mm, width - 1680 mm, height - 1530 mm. Compared to the old model, the car gained 125 mm in length, 10 mm in width and 30 mm in height.

When creating this car, the company focused on excellent sporting performance. They were as refined and refined, which is almost impossible to find a car with similar data.

The design and equipment of the cabin also remains beyond praise. Demio is available in three versions: Cozy, Sport and Casual.

Equipped with a new generation of engines with a volume of 1.3 liters and 1.5 liters. The Sport version uses only a 1.5-liter engine. On the modification of the Cozy is set only 4-speed automatic transmission, on the Sport and Casual - 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic gearbox. 4-step "automatic", which stands on a complete set of Sport, has a mechanical control mode.

After updating the Mazda Demio noticeably prettier, increased equipment and decreased the amount of fuel consumed. The exterior of the baby, which now corresponds to the new Mazda corporate identity, has noticeably changed.

Thanks to the improvement of the engine and transmission, the amount of fuel consumed while driving in the city decreased by 9%, this also applies to cars with e-4WD system.

Interestingly, the differences in vehicle modifications are manifested not only in the equipment lists, but also in the exterior, and this time the designers did not limit themselves to the standard replacement of the bumper and wheels. With regard to external changes in the Mazda Demio modifications Casual, here the developers have refreshed the shape of the grille, front and rear bumpers, and the headlights have increased in size. The modification of Sport is a little different. First, the design of the grille and aerodynamic body kit was changed. Secondly, the car was supplied with new 16-inch wheels and updated rear combination lights. Bumpers were distributed, in them there were additional air inlets.

The differences continue in the interior of the cabin. If Casual inside resembles a cozy living room trimmed with beige leather and wood, the interior of the sports version is dominated by harsh dark colors - black and silver-steel.

In addition, such pleasant things as a key-key with a function of remote opening of locks and the engine plant, a system of automatic start of the janitors, depending on the intensity of rain and HDD, are also available to future owners of Demio.

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