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2001 Mazda B3000 Complete Overview

The Mazda B-series pickup truck, first rolled off the assembly line in 1968, has been sold in quantities of three million copies and has fans all over the world. No wonder. Legendary durability and excellent load carrying capacity are combined with the comfort and safety of a car.

The Mazda B-series compact pickup truck is actually a converted version of the Ford Ranger, both of which have been produced in parallel at a factory in Edison, New York, since 1993. Modernization conducted in 1998.

The current generation of Mazda B-series pickups in 2004 were discontinued in the US - now modern models are assembled in Thailand at the AutoAlliance Thailand plant in South Africa, Colombia, Venezuela and Malaysia, and the previous generation is assembled in Iran. Officially, a Mazda B2500 Thai-made pickup truck with a single or double cab and a shortened cargo platform with a lifting capacity of 600 kg is officially delivered to Russia.

The new B-Series looks very solid and has the “family” features of Mazda cars - an instantly recognizable pentagonal grille and large wide tires, which gives the car a distinctive impressive look.

Peculiar to Mazda designers attention to detail is manifested in the performance of chrome side mirrors, exterior door handles, sporty-looking alloy wheels and stylish side steps. This spectacular and dynamic car will not be overlooked.

For pickup, there is a whole set of accessories - arcs, steps, fiberglass floor and lid for the loading platform, which can coolly transform the car, giving it a more aggressive look.

The manufacturer offers a cargo compartment in various versions. There are pockets of both standard sizes and increased in the corners of the body. Along the edges of the body are installed longitudinal rails for ease of securing cargo. The walls of the Mazda are made of two layers of metal, so even if the load damages the inside of the body, nothing is visible from the outside.

Salon is not striking design, but very comfortable. Modest gray upholstery, high-quality plastic. Sound and functional. Visibility from the driver's seat is excellent. This is facilitated by a large glass area, heated rear window of the cabin. The front seats are equipped with two mechanical adjustments. The steering wheel with a powerful power steering rotates very easily. Before my eyes - a traditional set of devices with greenish illumination.

Under the right hand are two levers: gearshifts and transmission modes. Transition to four-wheel drive is possible at speeds up to 110 km / h thanks to the PVH (Pulse Vacuum Hub-lock) system, which is a pneumatic drive that connects the wheels of the front axle to work. PVH is activated by pressing the "R.F.W." on the front panel, after which the hand-outs lever can be safely translated to the "4H" position. There is also a mode of all-wheel drive reduction gear "4L".

Suspension for classic SUV: front - independent torsion bar with anti-roll bar. Behind - a continuous bridge on the springs with the same stabilizer. This type of suspension has never added smoothness, but it has a very good effect on maneuverability and endurance.

On the Mazda B-Series, wheels are sized 225 / 70R15, 235 / 75R15 and 245 / 75R16. These wheels have a beautiful appearance and light weight, which provides better handling by reducing the unsprung weight.

US Mazda B-series is sold with petrol engines up to four liters, but in Europe is offered only version - B2500 Turbodiesel. Turbodiesel 2.5 L R4 12V develops 109 hp and aggregated with a 5-speed manual gearbox. This unit is a good balance between power, torque and fuel consumption. All versions for the Russian market are completed with a part-time type of all-wheel drive plug-in system. In normal conditions, the drive is used only on the rear wheels, and on slippery roads or off-road, you can turn on the full drive on the go. And if you stop, then downshift.

Gasoline versions with 2.3 liter R4 8V (143 hp), 3.0 liter V6 12V (154 hp) and 4.0 liter V6 12V (207 hp) are supplied to other markets.

The standard equipment includes two front airbags, power windows and side mirrors, power steering, height-adjustable steering wheel, central locking, electroproof headlights, velor interior, audiopreparation with four speakers and an antenna.

In the top version there is air conditioning, ABS, heated seats, side steps, front fog lights and leather interior. By order of a pickup, you can get a two-color paint, with wheel arch extensions, chrome-plated protective arches, wide-profile tires and alloy wheels.

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