Mazda 929

1990 Mazda 929 V6i Review

The Mazda 929 is the highest model in the Mazda Motor Co. passenger car hierarchy. Its main advantages are solid appearance and comfort. The first generation of the 929s was produced from 1977 to 1987.

The second generation lasted on the conveyor from 1987 to 1992. Overall dimensions of cars of these years of release 4885x1700x1430, wheelbase 2710 mm. The curb weight is 1310 kg. Ground clearance 170 mm. Trunk volume 427 liters. Mazda of this generation was equipped with two engines of 2.2 liters: injection (136 hp) and carburetor (115 hp).

The spacious Mazda 929 saloon is made of quality materials, and there is plenty of room in both the front and rear seats. Body resists corrosion.

Cars of 1994 year began to complete 3.0-liter V6, 18-or 24-valve engines with a capacity of 160 or 205 hp. Plus, a multi-link rear suspension, rather soft, allowing you to comfortably overcome the vicissitudes of our roads, an electronic transmission, an on-board computer that tells you the best way to drive and where to turn, CD, microclimate and cruise control.

In 1994, the Mazda 929 was removed from production. In Japan, this model was called Luce (until 1991), and then Sentia.

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