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2012 Mazda 5 Kids and Carseats Review

The debut of the Mazda 5 took place at the Paris Motor Show in the fall of 2004, and was later introduced to the domestic market under the former name Premacy with front-wheel drive or automatically all-wheel drive. Official sales of the Mazda 5 in Europe began in the spring of 2005, in Russia the car appeared only in the winter of 2006.

Mazda 5 2006 year

According to the chassis and a number of components, the Mazda 5 is unified with the Ford C-Max compact van, but unlike the Ford, the rear doors of the Mazda 5 are made sliding (for the first time on multi-purpose C-segment vehicles). Thanks to the impressive dimensions (4505x1755x1615 mm), the designers managed to design a 7-seater interior. But at once we will make a reservation that in the basic version of the Mazda 5 has five seats, it can be seven-seater only for a surcharge.

The original layout with a convertible central seat of the second row, called karakuri (optional). The word "karakuri" means a mechanism to surprise people. In particular, Karakuri are mechanical dolls that are played in Japanese theaters and on religious holidays. And in Mazda’s interpretation, karakuri is the organization of passenger space, in fact, an analogue of the Opele system Flex 7.

Thanks to the karakuri transformation principle, the passenger compartment of a seven-seater minivan can be rebuilt in seconds. The middle row of separate seats moves longitudinally, folds, unfolds in every conceivable position.

In order to spread out the table with the cup holders, you need to make only three movements of the hand: threw the chair cushion behind the loop, spread out the table hidden under it, put the pillow back into place. As a result of these manipulations under the pillow formed a roomy box for small luggage.

Mazda 5 2006 year

In total, Mazda 5 forty-five different drawers for "small things" and a dozen cupholders. Similarly, the table is pulled out and the central seat of the second row - it, however, blocks the passage back. In the spacious trunk hidden third row of seats.

For the Mazda 5, two petrol engines of the MZR family are offered - 1.8 liter R4 16V (115 hp, 165 Nm) and 2.0 liter R4 16V (145 hp, 185 Nm) with a 5-speed manual gearbox, and also two turbo diesel MZR-CDs of 2.0 liter R4 16V to choose from - 110 hp, 310 Nm or 143 hp and 360 Nm, both with 6-speed "mechanics". The equipment includes ABS, TCS, six airbags, air conditioning, entertainment DVD-center with a 7-inch display (optional) and much more. Delivering a diesel version of the Mazda 5 in Russia is not planning.

In 2008, the Mazda5 refreshed. Changes, in general, a little. Outside it is the front bumper, headlights and new (in some trim LED) taillights. Plus, a sports kit, which is now placed on all machines in the top-end configuration Active.

Inside, there was a navigation system with a DVD and a touchscreen display, a hands-free kit with a Bluetooth interface, an MP3 radio, a new instrument panel with white backlighting, and the amount of silver plastic in the finish slightly decreased. In the dorestayling version there were no armrests on the upholstery of the rear doors. Now there are armrests, but not "stationary" in the door, and folding - on the side of the seat back. But with sliding doors this is the only solution.

Mazda5 2008 year

Four engines are offered for Western Europe: two two-liter diesel engines with a capacity of 143 and 110 horsepower and two petrol engines with a capacity of 1.8 and 2 liters. The basic gasoline engine of 1.8 liters and 115 horsepower, as before restyling, is completed with only five-speed mechanics.

But the two-liter engine has changed. He got an "electronic" gas pedal, slightly different injection settings and a new intake manifold. As a result, power increased by three horsepower (up to 146), and fuel consumption and noise reduced. Buyers of two-liter cars have a choice of transmission: 6-speed manual gearbox or 5-range automatic.

The basic package includes front and side airbags, curtain airbags, ABS, EBD systems and assistance with emergency braking. As an option, electric sliding doors are offered. The audio system has received support for MP3 files.

The debut of the new Mazda 5 took place at the Geneva Motor Show, and in November 2010, sales started in Russia. The minivan has retained its “family values” - sliding doors, the system of organization of the internal space of Karakuri, sport suspension settings. From its predecessor, the Mazda 5 2010 differs primarily in design.

Mazda 5 2010 year

The creators have implemented the most daring and unusual design ideas. Curved lines on the sides emphasize movement. From the arch of the front wheel on the body diverge waves. For the first time, Mazda first showed the idea of ​​such natural jets back in the concept car Nagare. The dynamic look of the pillars in combination with the new horizontal rear lights give the car an extra touch of sportiness. Also, the car received the original rims and a new color Clearwater Blue Mica. The streamlined shape of the body, providing the least air resistance when driving, allows you to minimize the level of noise in the cabin.

The effect of diverging jets in the design is played up even in the interior - in the form of a visor over the instruments, in the longitudinal seams of the seats, etc. The driver and central panels are clearly divided into a visual zone and a control zone. Mazda 5 2010 is distinguished by good ergonomics, large and comfortable seats for all passengers, as well as wide possibilities for interior transformation. Seats can be expanded in many different ways. It provides flexible transportation options for passengers and baggage.

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