Mazda 2

The first generation Mazda 2 was introduced in Europe in 2003. The car technically had a lot in common with the Ford Fiesta. Exterior and interior did not differ grace. The model did not reach Russia, and in Europe it was lost among classmates of the B segment. In four years, less than 140 thousand were sold.

To change the situation was the project of a new car class B. After two years of work in the European design studio of the Mazda company, the Sassou concept, shown at the motor show in Frankfurt in 2005, was created. The transformation of the concept car into a production car was done by Ikuo Maedo. The second-generation Mazda 2 was unveiled at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show. The specialists managed to create a light and fast car that was absolutely unlike its predecessor. The model was 40 mm shorter, 55 mm lower, while the wheelbase remained the same as that of the predecessor - 249 cm. Reducing the dimensions did not affect the internal comfort. On the contrary, the height of the ceiling for the front and rear passengers is considered one of the best in the class. Not losing to rivals and the trunk of 250 liters, with the rear seat folded down its capacity increases to 787 liters.

Compared with the previous generation, the Mazda 2 dropped 100 kg to 960 kg curb weight (the 1.5-liter version with a gasoline engine, available in Russia). The use of levers with an open profile in the front suspension and shortened levers in the rear is down to 13 kg, the rejection of an additional neutralizer is another 5 kg, and the lighter front seats are another 5 kg. More than 20 kg were saved on the power frame - the use of high-strength steel made it possible to create a thinner and, consequently, lighter structure and to abandon amplifiers without compromising safety. Due to the relief, the car has become more dynamic, and fuel consumption has significantly decreased.

The interior of the cabin has its own personality, but it is not at all catchy. Inside is relatively spacious and practical. Good visibility is achieved due to the lowered window line. The instrument scales, like the entire front panel, look modern.

Three types of gasoline engines are installed on the vehicle: a 1.3-liter capacity, 75 and 84 hp. and a 1.5-liter engine, which develops power in 103 hp In Russia, only the last unit is available paired with a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic.

In the base (Touring equipment), the Mazda 2 offers an impressive range of options, in particular, six airbags, ABS with brake force distribution, a CD player with MP3 and steering wheel controls, and front power windows. The peculiarity of the Russian version is a high-capacity battery and regular heated seats. In the Sport configuration is added climate control, power windows of the rear doors, fog lights, alloy wheels (R16), dynamic stabilization system, trip computer, etc.

The most compact representative of the zoom-zoom family of European dealers began to arrive in the fall of 2007. The start of sales in Russia was delayed until the spring of 2008. Mazda 2 is made in Hiroshima, and in fairly modest volumes - only 70,000 cars a year.

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