Mazda 121

Old Top Gear 1991 - Mazda 121

The size class B Mazda 121 appeared on the European market in 1987, it was modernized three years later, and in 1996 it debuted a third-generation model that was released until 2001. Its withdrawal from production was dictated by marketing considerations and was due to the release of the new generation Ford Fiesta, as well as the fact that the Mazda Demio is positioned in the same class of compact models.

In addition to the Ford Fiesta, there were still a few 121 models of the same type with the Mazda. These are Kia Pride, produced in Korea, and later Kia Avella, which was sold under the brand name Ford Aspire (in the USA) and Ford Festiva (in Southeast Asia).

Structurally, the Mazda 121 is similar to the Ford Fiesta of the same model years. This is a five-seater three-door hatchback with a modern design, very reminiscent of the Ford version. Build quality is truly Japanese, at a high level. The car body is resistant to corrosion within 8-9 years from the date of issue.

Despite the modest dimensions of 3830/1635/1335 mm with a base of 2450 mm and a track of 1429/1384 mm, the machine has a relative internal space. Trim materials are inexpensive, but even after many years, interior elements are not annoying squeaks and knocks. The driver's seat is organized correctly, there are no complaints about ergonomics, the back of the back seat is folded in parts. The luggage compartment is 250 liters. The curb weight is 990 kg, and the allowable total is 1435 kg. Clearance is 130 mm.

Mazda 121 was equipped with a transversely mounted 4-cylinder 8-valve petrol engines from Ford with a 1.3-liter ohc gas distribution system with a capacity of 60 to 75 hp. (in the GLX version). The maximum speed of the most powerful version is 165 km / h, acceleration to 100 km / h takes 12.8 s, and the average consumption of AI-95 gasoline is 7.5 liters.

The model also installed a 4-cylinder diesel engine, developed by the Austrian company KHD, volume 1,753 liters (60 hp, 110 Nm). A car with such an engine accelerates to 100 km / h in 19.7 seconds, develops a maximum speed of 153 km / h; The average consumption of diesel fuel is 6.1 liters per 100 km.

Engines aggregated with a 5-speed manual gearbox.

Independent front suspension with suspension struts McPherson, rear - semi-dependent beam with coil springs. Gear-rack type steering. Front disc brakes, rear drum. The standard tire size is 165 / 70R13. The car could be equipped with optional optional power steering and ABS.

Thanks to good dynamics, easy handling and good visibility, Mazda 121 feels confident in the city, maneuvering in a dense stream does not cause problems.

High-quality assembly, modern equipment, regular updating of the range of power units were characteristic of this front-wheel drive compact car. The overall reliability of the model is traditionally high, and the cost of failed parts is not burdensome.

Inexpensive, small and economical, Mazda 121 is a good choice as a car for urban use.

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