Maserati mc 12

Maserati MC12 Corsa - One Of The Best Sounding Maseratis Of All Time!

Over the long years of its existence, Maserati firmly established the image of a company that specializes in the production of cars with a sporty character. To maintain this status, in 2004, Maserati unveiled the world model MC 12 - the first real Maserati supercar since the mid-engine Bora, produced in the 70s. The car went into production in a limited edition. Twenty-five pieces were assembled in the debut year, another 25 models were released in 2005. Maserati MC 12 was created specifically for racing. Each supercar was assembled by hand at the plant in Modena, where Cope, Spider and Quattroporte are produced, but on a separate line, closed to the public.

The carbon-fiber body design was developed at the Giugiaro atelier, and then brought to the wind tunnel by Maserati specialists. Not only the body was made of carbon fibers, but also the chassis partially. The wheels are shod in 19-inch tires of various widths specially developed by Pirelli: 13 inches in the rear and 9 inches in the front. The car is based on the well-known model Ferrari Enzo, but surpasses it in size. MC 12 is 44 cm longer. The wheelbase is 2.80 m, which is 15 cm more than the Enzo, while the Maserati is 30 kg lighter. The layout is a classic "ring": the motor is located in the base, the drive wheels are rear. All-wheel drive is not provided.

Both cars have the same Cambiocorsa transmission, Brembo non-ABS composite brakes and a 6-liter V12 engine. But the rev limiter of the Maserati works earlier: the MC 12 engine produces 630 hp. at 7500 rpm against 660 hp at 7800 rpm in Enzo. The torque is also different: 652 Nm at the Maserati, 657 Nm at the Ferrari. In addition, the Maserati chain drive timing, and the Ferrari - gear. Up to 100 km / h MC 12 accelerates in just 3.8 seconds, and up to 200 km / h in 9.9 seconds. The maximum speed of the car is 330 km / h. The six-speed gearbox is equipped with an electro-hydraulic drive, and the shift levers are placed on the steering wheel.

The roof of the MC 12 is removable; if necessary, the car turns into a convertible. The cabin has aluminum and leather inserts. Even very tall drivers can comfortably sit behind the wheel. Electronics kit minimized. There are buttons to start the engine, reverse, lift the nose of the car when moving through potholes and turn off the stabilization system. There is also a Race button: in this position, the shock absorbers become tougher, the gas pedal is “livelier”, and the transmissions are shorter. The trunk is purely symbolic, its volume is only 150 liters.

The MC 12 is also offered in the Corsa picking. The prototype for this version was the MC12 GT1, which won the 2005 FIA GT Manufactures Cup award. Only a dozen of such cars were released. They did not even go into the open sale, but were distributed among the most famous and respected customers of the brand. Owners will be able to enjoy their purchase only on closed racetracks or as part of test sessions organized by Maserati. It does not have the right to travel outside the MC 12 Corsa polygons - there is no appropriate homologation for it and is not intended. Of the features of this version is a six-liter V12 engine, which develops 750 hp.

Maserati MC12 is a full member of the elite supercars club. The car, which became a clear proof of the return of the legendary trident Maserati on the roads and racetracks.

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