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Maserati GranCabrio 2018 Review |

GranCabrio is an open version of the GranTurismo model. By the way, was the first four-seater cabriolet in the history of the brand. She made her debut in 2009 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The car went on sale in 2010.

The Italians managed to create a representative convertible. GranCabrio - the largest model in its class. Nearly 5 m from the bumper to the bumper, but the elegance of the lines hides the size. As well as the appearance of the GranTurismo coupe, the design of the cabriolet was designed by the famous Italian company Pininfarina. The car has a soft three-layer insulated roof that folds and unfolds in 28 seconds. Roof transformation can be performed on the move at speeds up to 30 km / h. With the top raised, the drag coefficient of the Cx is 0.35, and with the top lowered - 0.39.

The constructive base for the development of the GranCabrio, of course, was the GranTurismo coupe. When a convertible is developed on an existing platform, it usually adds about 150 kg in weight compared to a coupe or sedan. With the rejection of the upper structural elements (roof, side racks), the overall rigidity of the body is lost, and engineers have to compensate for it by adding new structural elements. Mass GranCabrio increased only by 100 kg. This was made possible thanks to a significant reconstruction of the spatial frame and body parts that serve as bearing elements.

Thus, the structural elements of the doors were strengthened, and the thresholds were also simply increased. Even the compartment where the folded roof is hiding now carries a structural load. But the main change affected the spatial frame. A torsion shield appeared behind the backs of the rear seats. In the engine compartment, a V-shaped beam secures the upper supports of the front springs to the engine shield. The central section of the body has undergone deep processing and reinforcement both constructively and through the use of other steel grades.

Ergonomics of the cabin at a height - everything is at hand, very simple, clear and convenient. One function - one button. Nothing extra. By tradition, the interior is upholstered in poltrona frau exquisite leather. This leather made from the finest Italian tannery is very pleasant to the touch, does not harden in winter and stays cool in summer. The cabin is decorated with Brazilian oak wood carvalue, which at each cut gives its own special pattern - a guarantee that each GranCabrio will be unique. The highlight of the salon GranCabrio, as well as any other model of Maserati, starting from the 50s of the last century - a bulging clock on the center console. The auto personalization program allows you to select everything, right down to the color of the thread with which the seats are sewn. The body can be painted in one of 14 colors, the fabric for the roof is available in 6 shades. Combinations of colors and materials - more than a million, and therefore two identical GranCabrio simply do not exist.

The Maserati GranCabrio S with a 4.7-liter Ferrari engine with a capacity of 440 hp is supplied to Russia exclusively. and 6-speed automatic. The driver has the opportunity to go into the manual transmission control mode, shifting gears under the steering levers. From zero to hundreds of convertible accelerates in 5.4 seconds, and the maximum speed is 283 km / h. Maximum torque - 490 newton meters. Average fuel consumption - 15.2 liters per 100 kilometers. A more powerful version of the car is called GranCabrio Sport and it is equipped with the same engine, forced to 450 forces. Like other Maserati, the engine is shifted beyond the front axle, which guarantees perfect weight distribution. At GranCabrio, the front axle accounts for 49% of the mass and 51% at the rear with the roof raised, with the ratio lowered to 48:52.

The suspension uses gas-filled shock absorbers Skyhook with automatic adjustment of stiffness, self-adapting to the changing terrain of the road. If you select the Sport mode, in a split second the suspension becomes tougher, the gears change faster, the exhaust sound becomes deeper and more aggressive. Normal mode turns the car into a comfortable granturizmo.

Among the standard equipment of the car - leather interior, dual-zone climate control, CD-audio system, powered front seats, navigation system, bi-xenon headlights, parking sensors, light and rain sensors.

As for security, the Maserati GranCabrio has it all, and even a bit more. The abundance of airbags, seat belt pretensioners and a powerful safety capsule - everything goes without saying. Pillows, by the way, are intellectual - their volume in the triggered state depends on the size of the person to be rescued. An interesting detail is the telescopic safety arcs that automatically shoot up in the event of an accident, hidden under the decorative caps behind the headrests of the rear passengers. If the car is knocked over, the telescopic arcs will form a living space between the asphalt and the car.

Luxurious and exclusive, fast and powerful, this car demonstrates the high status of its owner in everything.

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