Maserati 3200gt

Richard Hammond Reviews The Maserati 3200 GT (2001)

The Maserati 3200 GT is a four-seater coupe-type car that was produced by the Italian car company Maserati from 1998 to 2001.

This smart car was designed by Italian studio Italdesign, whose founder Giorgetto Giugiaro had previously designed the models Ghibli, Bora and Merak. Stylish Italian design allows you to quite comfortably accommodate four passengers. The Maserati 3200 GT has a leather trim and also includes a wide range of equipment, including all-electric front seats, which move automatically when the backrest is lowered, giving easy access to the rear. To create a comfortable environment, the Maserati 3200 GT functional set includes a fully electronic climate control system that even includes a sunlight sensor. The expensive Becker sound system perfectly suited for such a chic interior. The sound system includes two front speakers, four mid-range speakers, as well as two subwoofers and a 6-disc CD changer. The main market for the Maserati 3200 GT was Europe.

Under the hood of the car Maserati 3200 GT was located a 3.2-liter V8 engine with two turbochargers. The power of such a power unit was 370 hp at 6250 rpm. This engine was an upgraded version of the engine that was used in the Quattroporte IV and Shamal models. Acceleration from standstill to 100 km / h in Maserati 3200 GT took only 5.1 seconds, and the maximum speed was 280 km / h. The chassis of this model was made of sheet steel. It was a structural tubular frame rigidly connected to the body both in the front, at the point of attachment of the side panels and the front suspension, and at the rear, providing a rear suspension system that gives exceptional torsional rigidity of the structure. Such a chassis design is the best possible guarantee for the effectiveness of the suspension and the complete safety of the vehicle.

In 2000, the company Maserati announced the release of a new modification of the base model Maserati 3200 GT. It was distinguished by the fact that it was equipped with an automatic transmission and was named Maserati 3200 GTA.

In 2001, at the Geneva Motor Show was presented a model that continues the line of 3200 GT - Maserati 3200 GT Assetto Corsa. The release of this car was limited. In its standard package, in contrast to the previous "3200 GT", such options were added as an adjustable electronic suspension, sports brake system. Also in the new version has been improved manageability. Assetto Corsa has become 15 mm below its predecessor, the suspension springs have become more rigid, in addition, the anti-roll bar has been strengthened. The brake pads were made of metal-ceramic, and the brake cooling ducts were made of carbon to reduce weight. One of the most memorable details of the design of this car were taillights consisting of LEDs arranged in the shape of a boomerang.

The car was discontinued in early 2002. She was replaced by a rather similar design model - the Maserati Coupe. With this model, Maserati has returned to the US market. Due to non-compliance with vehicle specifications in the USA, the original boomerang headlights were replaced with the usual ones.

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