Luxgen 7 suv

Luxgen7 SUV - mid-size crossover Taiwanese automobile brand Luxgen.

Luxgen 7 SUV

The debut model of the company in Russia (the beginning of sales - September 2013). Local assembly carried out at the factory Derways in Karachay-Cherkessia from August 2013. 

Luxgen7 SUV 2013 year

Salon Luxgen 7 SUV is distinguished by high-quality materials, sophisticated ergonomics, pleasant modern design. In the center of the dashboard is a 10-inch display of the multimedia system. The monitor is non-touch, all management is focused on the hardware buttons. The multifunction steering wheel is trimmed with quality leather. Equipping the crossover has a system of all-round visibility and monitoring of blind spots, navigation, night vision and many other premium options. A few separate words about the control system of blind zones. It is interesting in that it is not just a sensor, but full-fledged video cameras that transmit an image to a central ten-inch display. The system works only when the "turn signal". Another interesting decision of the manufacturer is the anti-theft driver's seat. When the guard is turned on, the seat moves to the maximum forward position and tilts the backrest against the steering wheel. Pushing it with the use of force is almost unreal, the gearboxes hold tight.

The engine, developed in collaboration with the French company LMM, is a four-cylinder petrol engine with a Garrett turbocharger. 175 hp removed from a volume of 2.2 liters. and 275 Nm. The engine is paired with a 5-speed adaptive automatic transmission with manual shift. 

"Automatic" has nine preset modes.

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In the "track" mode, the movement occurs in a high gear, the converter lock is on. “Driving uphill” means keeping the downshift, “descending the hill” implies engine braking, “moving along the serpentine road” means switching to a higher level. In eco mode, overdrive gears are included earlier, saving fuel, in sport, on the contrary, shiftings occur later. In the “snow” mode, the car starts off in third gear, in “emergency mode” the third one is used again. All nine algorithms, except for "snow", are activated automatically, based on a certain set of conditions: speed, level of throttling or braking, engine load, etc. 

Luxgen7 SUV 2013 year

The design of Luxgen7 SUV is a set of typical solutions for crossover. Bearing body, transverse arrangement of the power unit. Front suspension - McPherson on a stretcher with a rack and pinion steering and power steering. Rear - dependent, in the form of a U-shaped torsion beam with spaced springs and shock absorbers, transverse thrust, compensating leads, and an additional stabilizer amplifier inside the beam. 

The car is offered in versions with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive transmission. The 4WD system can operate in three modes: drive only to the front axle (2WD), automatic thrust distribution (Auto), or forced connection, in which the distribution of torque along the axes is 50:50 (Lock). The latter mode - the claim for off-road, which, however, does not agree well with the body geometry of the Luxgen7 SUV. In particular, with a clearance of 155 mm and a ramp angle of 18.4 degrees. The corners of entry / exit are also passenger - 20.9 and 23.7 degrees, respectively. 

The basic front-wheel-drive equipment “Comfort” has a multimedia system with a 10-inch screen, front airbags, anti-lock brakes with force distributor, rear parking sensors, heated front seats, climate control, anti-theft system and keyless access to the salon with a push-start engine. Equipped with all-wheel drive, the Comfort Plus package is supplemented with side airbags and curtain airbags, roof rails, leather seats and a driver's seat with massage function. Luxgen7 SUV in the maximum configuration "Prestige" is equipped with electric sunroof, multifunction steering wheel, passenger seat with electric adjustment, ventilation function for the driver's seat, 9 JBL speakers, a trained voice control system and a voice communication system (Bluetooth Hands-free). In addition, the Think + system in the maximum version includes an advanced feature package: NightVision + (night vision camera), SideView + (tracking objects in the blind zone), EagleView + (all-round view system), LDWS + (road marking system).

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