Lincoln mark viii

The Lincoln Mark VIII is a large Gran Turismo luxury coupe.

1997 Lincoln Mark VIII Coupe Review

First appeared on the market in 1993. It was assembled at the Wixom, Michigan plant. When developing the new coupe, the Ford FN10 platform was used as the basis, or alternatively the "Full-Sized North American Project # 10". This platform was specifically developed for the Lincoln Mark VIII in 1993 and has not been used anywhere else. Its progenitor is the MN12 platform (Midsize North American Project # 12), which was used to create from 1989 to 1997. Ford Thunderbird and Mercury Cougar cars. The FN10 is slightly longer and wider than the MN12.

Mark VII was offered in two versions: the base Mark VII and LSC (Luxury Sport Coupe). In 1995, the LSC version was equipped with an improved transmission, the gear ratios of the gearbox were increased to achieve higher acceleration dynamics, and a system with a paired exhaust manifold. Also, the LSC series has received unique body colors, on the seats and floor mats there were perforations "LSC".

The moldings on the LSC models were in body color, while on the base versions of the Mark VIII they were chrome-plated. All models were fitted with a 4.6-liter 32-valve V8 Modular engine, in which aluminum parts were used. Its capacity was 280 hp. In models produced since 1995, this power unit was given the name InTech.

At the end of 1995 and in 1996, the Mark VIII LSC was one of the few cars on the automotive market that was equipped with a new generation of xenon headlights.

In 1997, Lincoln Mark VIII experienced significant external changes. Its front and rear parts have become more rounded and streamlined, the grille has become larger. Lights remained the same. The Lincoln innovation was to equip the trunk lid with a neon brake light repeater. The side mirrors were illuminated, which caught fire when the doors opened, and illuminated the ground beneath for the convenience of getting out of the car and landing the driver and the passenger in it, and when driving they served as repeaters turn signals. The salon also had good lighting.

It is worth noting the new 16-inch chrome wheels "Octastar".

1998 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Tour

Outwardly, they looked pretty weighty. The 4.6-liter DOHC 32-valve engine V8 Modular was equipped with an ignition system with an individual coil on each spark plug, which made it possible to remove the high-voltage wiring from the spark plugs to the coil.

On some models of the end of 1997 and already on all models of 1998, transmission mechanisms have been strengthened. Mark VIII LSC was equipped with stabilizers more resistant to impacts, which prevented lateral swinging. This contributed to a clearer driving. The gear ratios in the gearbox were reduced, which made it possible to gain an increase in power of 10 hp. The traction control system was already installed in the basic configuration. At the request of the driver could disable it using the on-board computer.

Shortly before the Mark VIII was discontinued, Lincoln released two more modifications of this car: the Spring Feature and the Collector's Edition.

The Spring Feature version was released for two weeks from February 9 to February 21, 1998. A total of 117 exclusive cars were produced. The car Lincoln Mark VIII Spring Feature was produced under the code 54K. He was specially prepared for the 1998 spring sales season. Spring Future was performed in an exclusive color, which was named Medium Gold Metallic. Also, a gilded grille was installed in the body color, this also affected all the other brilliant elements of the body. On some of the cars were installed exclusive Octastar discs with a gilded central part. As for the interior, there were three types: DW - Midnight Black Interior (39 cars out of 117), ZY - Light Prairie Tan Interior (49 cars) and ZQ - Ivory (29 cars).

February 5, 1998 the company Lincoln announced the release of Lincoln Mark VIII Collector's Edition, as a special anniversary version of the car. This version had two exclusive colors and two interior options. By purchasing this model, the buyer received: distinctive labels, such as, for example, the inscription "Collector’s Edition" on the elements of interior decoration; trim steering wheel and wood panel; collection gift - a black box, in which there are 8 silver bars with images of all models of the Mark series starting with I and ending with Mark VIII; unique floor mats; black door locks. The Mark VIII Collector's Edition cost $ 900 more than the Mark VIII LSC, on the basis of which it was created.

In the late 90s, the era of the big American coupe came to an end. In 1998, Lincoln Mark VIII was discontinued. It was replaced by a luxury executive sedan Lincoln LS.

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