Lincoln mark vi

1980 Lincoln Continental Mark VI - Only 14K Miles - SOLD !!

The Lincoln Continental Mark VI was produced between 1980 and 1983.

The basis was taken platform Panther. It was developed in 1978 by Ford for rear-wheel drive full-size sedans, which was then used in Ford LTD and Mercury Marquis. Today, it is the oldest platform that is still used in the United States and Canada. In the Mark VI model, it has undergone some changes. Basically they touched the size. At that time, there was a demand for less bulky and more efficient cars. In this regard, it was decided to reduce the mass of the new model. The car became shorter by 508 mm, and the size of the wheelbase also decreased. As a result, the car dropped the weight by almost a quarter of a ton. The wheelbase was 2979 mm, machine length 5565 mm, width - 1984 mm. Mark VI had two body styles: sedan and coupe. Note that the wheelbase of the 2-door coupe is 2903 mm. But not only changes in size played a role in the fight against obesity. In the design of the body and mechanisms of the new Lincoln used aluminum parts.

Appearance Mark VI, in spite of the loss in weight, has not lost its solidity. Classic huge front hood, under which the engine is located. A more compact, but no less impressive rear end, with a glance at which the large trunk capacity becomes apparent. The trunk lid has a typical Continental bulge for a spare wheel. The front and rear lights of the sedan and coupe are the same type. On the front of the car are installed rectangular locking lights. At the rear are narrow vertical headlights with 3-section reflectors. The 4-door sedans had small narrow side windows, and at the 2-door coupe they were large and wide. Mark VI was produced in three versions: basic, Signature Series and Designer Editions.

Due to the struggle for efficiency, in the basic configuration Lincoln Mark VI, it was decided to install a V8 Windsor engine with a capacity of 5 liters and 134 hp. The maximum torque of the base engine was 315 N / m at 2,200 rpm. The power unit V8 Windsor volume of 5.8 liters was offered to buyers as an option. Fuel consumption was a third less than the 1979 models. In both configurations equipped with a 4-speed automatic transmission. True, in fact it was a 3-speed gearbox with an AOD system, which is taken as fourth gear.

Mark VI was equipped with advanced electronics of those times. Starting from the open door indicators, the digital instrument panel, ending with the Automatic Overdrive (AOD) system already mentioned above, which automatically increased the load, if necessary, for additional thrust. The first time, the main problem of its electronics was its reliability. Within two years, the system underwent refinements, and only by 1983 the manufacturer was able to improve the reliability of the equipment offered by them.

Lincoln Mark VI was one of the most anticipated cars. When Ford introduced it to the press, it immediately became a hit, being more efficient (fuel consumption was reduced) and more spacious than the Cadillac model of that time. However, in 1982, there was a fall in sales of the 2-door coupe Mark VI, as buyers waited for the release of a new, more dynamic Lincoln Mark VII, but the 4-door sedan was still the best-selling car of the 80s.

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