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2005 Lexus SC430 Convertible Review

The debut of the sports coupe SC400 (SC - sport coupe) took place in May 1991. The SC400 was equipped with a 4-speed automatic transmission and was also produced in a version with a 3-liter engine (SC300, which appeared a little later, in August 1991). By the way, in Japan, the right-hand drive version of this model became known as the Toyota Soarer.

In 1998, the model was restyled. In the heart of the Lexus SC300, they put a standard six-cylinder, 24-valve, in-line engine with a volume of 3 liters and a capacity of 228 liters. with. The power unit is equipped with electronic fuel injection system. Works in tandem with a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission.

On the Lexus SC400 put an eight-cylinder, 32 valve, V-engine with a capacity of 4 liters capacity of 294 liters. with. It also has an electronic gasoline injection system, interacts with a five-speed manual gearbox.

Transmission with rear wheel drive, limited slip differential, traction control. The safety of passengers is taken care of by four airbags, well-thought-out areas of body deformation, rack and pinion steering with servo and ABS on disc brakes (front and rear ventilated).

Lexus SC300 / 400 have a high level of comfort and excellent driving performance. But following the latest trends of progress and realizing that the car is not equipped with side airbags and the BASS system is outdated. Lexus experts began to prepare another generation.

In 2001, the Lexus SC430 convertible was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show. The model has replaced the outdated coupe Lexus SC 300/400. The car perfectly combines such qualities as elegance, sportiness and an unsurpassed feeling of comfort. Plus, a bright catchy appearance, a pledge of individuality and general attention in the city traffic. Low and wide, with soft outlines and as if flowing into each other surfaces, the car is the epitome of elegance. In the exterior, there is nothing superfluous and fanciful, everything is simple, but stylish and tasteful, so the SC430 looks great with both open and closed top.

Thanks to computer simulation of the flow of air around the car, the designers managed to significantly reduce the wind in the cabin with the roof folded, even at high speeds. The body shape of the Lexus SC430 can certainly be called a classic, but with a clear tinge of modernity in the form of increased flow and non-standard linearity.

Lexus SC430 has a rear-wheel drive and is equipped with an eight-cylinder V-engine of 4.3 liters, which has a capacity of 282 hp, and a five-speed automatic adaptive gearbox. To “hundreds” the car accelerates in 6.4 seconds.

The interior is offered in several colors. You can choose a beautiful and luxurious cream, you can more practical gray or black. As finishing materials aluminum, chrome, a natural tree prevail. As befits a class car seats are equipped with all sorts of electric. But it is worth remembering that the SC430 is, above all, a car for two. The second row does not have to carry passengers, too little space remains.

The steering wheel is comfortable, closer to the central part are the audio control buttons. The model GS430 borrowed paddle switches and instrument panel. On the center console, designed for ground metal, there is a microclimate control unit with separate adjustment for the driver and passenger, as well as an air pollution sensor and an audio system control. Directly above the climate control unit is a GPS navigation display. On the center console there is also a button that manages the folding roof. This mechanism works smoothly and completely silently. The center console smoothly into the tunnel, on which the automatic transmission selector is located. Next - button off the stabilization system DSC. The rear wheels of the Lexus SC430, as fashionable in this class, are an inch larger than the front. Lexus SC430 equipped with the latest technical innovations, not to mention the ABS, EBD (electronic brake force distribution system), VSC (stability control system) and six airbags.

First of all, the SC430 is designed for the US market.

In 2003, Lexus once again confirmed that it is a manufacturer of not only expensive, but also exclusive cars. This time the public was introduced to the luxurious SC Pebble Beach with a convertible top, which sold around the world in a small edition of 400 pieces. The car is distinguished by an unusual original body color and special wheels Pebble Beach Azure Pearl. The roof of this car folds in just 25 seconds, while there is enough space for luggage.

The interior impresses with expensive, high-quality and luxurious finishes. The decoration used leather and wood under the maple. An exclusive audio system by Mark Levinson, designed specifically for Lexus, complements the picture. Acoustics are controlled by a computer system that is able to determine whether the roof of the car is open or closed and, depending on this, to change the sound of the entire audio system.

Under the hood, the SC Pebble Beach is a 4.3 liter V8 type engine that develops 300 hp.

Lexus SC was and remains one of the most beautiful cars. He is able to give his owner not only aesthetic pleasure, but also the pleasure of comfort and speed of movement.

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