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The line of the most popular and expensive off-road company Land Rover in 2011 was replenished with a novelty called Range Rover Evoque.

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The model is available for purchase in a three-door version, and in the form of a 5-door SUV. The Evoque is much smaller, lighter and more economical than all its predecessors in the entire history of the Range Rover. Compared to the three-door version, the five-door version of the Evoque received a different windshield, which is 30 millimeters higher. Due to this, it was possible to increase the free space for both front and rear passengers. The car is produced including with the drive only on the front wheels.

Range Rover Evoque 2011

The design of the model turned out to be defiant, impudent and aggressive. The whole appearance is carefully thought out, head optics with a predatory "squint" beautifully combined with embossed wings and the ascending line of the body. Ground clearance is 215 mm.

The salon is generously decorated with high-quality natural materials, creating a unique elegance of the interior of the car. The decoration used specially crafted soft leather, perfectly cut and stitched, creating stunning shapes of the surfaces of the dashboard, doors and seats. The dashboard is visually divided into three zones: the upper and lower are trimmed with high-quality glossy plastic, and the middle - with leather. The “automaton” selector is designed as a washer and gives the Range Rover kinship with another noble British family - Jaguar. Next to the exit switch is a scattering of light bulbs and buttons: this is the Terrain response control unit for setting the stabilizing systems of the car depending on which route it goes: dry, slippery, snowy, forest or sandy. You can not only open the trunk with the electric drive, but also close it - just press the button on the end of the door.

Moving away from the traditional trim scheme, the Range Rover Evoque offers customers three unique themes of design solutions: a calm and modern Pure, a luxurious Prestige, and a bright and sporty Dynamic.

Pure - a combination of the exterior in the spirit of the concept car with a stylish and concise interior decoration with neutral shades. Soft finishing materials of the main surfaces contrast with surfaces made of brushed aluminum. Classic, rigorous option.

Prestige is a luxury inherent in Range Rover cars in combination with exclusive elements, including 19-inch wheels with a unique design, bright polished accents, as well as a luxurious interior, decorated mainly in leather. The decoration uses two shades of leather with double stitching and decorative inserts made of natural wood and aluminum.

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

Dynamic - this model will please the fan of speed and drive. In this configuration are installed 20-inch wheels with an unusual aerodynamic body kit, unique bumpers, a modified grille and exhaust nozzles, creating a more brutal and aggressive image. The package can be included for free included a contrasting roof spoiler. The decoration of the premium sports interior uses dark colors with bright contrasting “spots”, as well as seats with perforated leather and sporty accents.

Special mention deserves a full-size glass panoramic roof. It increases the feeling of space and comfort, filling the interior with natural light, and offering even greater height for all passengers. The glass, unfortunately, is separated from the windshield and lacks adjustment of the degree of darkening.

Some advanced technologies used in the Range Rover Evoque are unique and first used in the compact SUV segment. One of these technologies is the traditional Range Rover 8-inch touchscreen display used to display the interface and control the car's infotainment system. Like all other companies, Land Rover tries to make engines as little as possible. To do this, engineers use lighter materials that are made of aluminum, titanium, magnesium, respectively, the lighter the car, the less it consumes energy, it becomes more economical and produces less CO2 emissions. For more comfort, the new off-road vehicle is equipped with the EPAS system - an electric power steering; in turn, it also allows to increase the economy of the car.

Under the hood, the new Range Rover Evoque has the ability to place the engine to the taste of any owner with different needs. The car is equipped with gasoline and diesel engines with direct fuel injection technology. In the Range Rover Evoque, the amount of carbon dioxide emissions is reduced and, if possible, all options for improving the environmental component are used. The 2.2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder diesel engine line includes TD4 engines with 150 hp power.

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and SD4 with 190 hp Both engines are characterized by high efficiency, power and impressive torque values. The engine with a displacement of 2.2 liters provides fuel consumption of up to 5.65 liters / 100 km and CO2 emissions of less than 145 g / km. In the newest high-performance 6-cylinder petrol engine Si4 with a capacity of 240 hp with a working volume of 2 liters. used turbocharging and dual variable valve timing, which provide exceptional performance and fuel economy.

Range Rover Evoque 2011

Evoque with 150 hp diesel engine available with both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive version. Diesel engines can be aggregated as a 6-speed manual transmission, and with a 6-band automatic, the gasoline engine is installed only in a pair with an automatic transmission.

Range Rover Evoque was created using the most modern technologies of active and passive safety. Durable power frame, numerous front and side "cushions", as well as "curtains" on the windows, plus 3-point belts with pretensioners and numerous driver assistance systems reliably protect both the driver and passengers.

The capabilities of powerful brakes equipped with disc brakes on all wheels are complemented by numerous functions of the most modern electronic systems of active safety, and technologies for stabilizing and increasing stability are designed for maximum speed in any driving conditions. The instantaneous response speed of Range Rover Evoque on any road surface is achieved with the help of a new chassis tuning, thanks to the adaptive Adaptive Dynamics system with MagneRide ™ function.

The Evoque is the first Range Rover to feature a stunning speaker system developed in collaboration with Meridian specialists. The Meridian Premium System is a system with 17 speakers at 825 W, which create an unmatched surround sound.

The car is produced at the famous Land Rover plant in Merseyside, UK. It went on sale in more than 160 countries around the world. Range Rover Evoque is a car that can overcome any obstacles and give freedom of movement, comfort and safety on the road. 

Despite the triumphant pace of the Range Rover Evoque in world markets, the British decided not to rest on their laurels and in March 2013 at the Geneva Motor Show presented an updated version of the crossover to the public. 

The design of the updated Range Rover Evoque has remained virtually unchanged. Only new versions of alloy wheels were added and the style of the Land Rover emblem changed. In the interior of the changes affected only the color variety of the cabin. The rest - all the same Evoque with a combination of leather and soft plastic in the finish, a lot of various adjustments, comfortable seats and other attributes of premium. 

The main "chip" restyling was a 9-speed automatic transmission from the German company ZF. The need to introduce this transmission is caused by the desire of the manufacturer to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions and to make the gear shifting smoother. As a result, it was possible to reduce emissions by almost 9.5%, and fuel consumption - by 11.4%. However, this efficiency is achieved only in combination with the system disableable all-wheel drive Active Driveline. The essence of Active Driveline is the transformation of a car at a speed of 35 km / h from all-wheel drive to monoprivodnom in the presence of a good road surface. The connection of the second pair of wheels is carried out automatically when reducing stability on the road or loss of adhesion with the road surface. The switching process is only 0.3 seconds. The system includes all-wheel drive version of Active Torque Biasing, which allows you to distribute torque between all wheels of the car to increase stability and traction crossover. 

The engines of the Evoque remained the same: two diesel engines of 2.2 liters and rated at 150 and 190 hp. and a two-liter gasoline 240-horsepower turbo. 

The car now has an E-diff rear electronic differential, a radar that allows to measure the ford depth, an updated version of the Park Assit parking assistant, which allows automatic departure from parallel parking, a traction vector control system for individual wheels and an automatic call system for special services in case of an accident . The Evoque also has an adaptive cruise control, equipped with an intelligent emergency braking system and a collision warning function. In addition, systems have been added that recognize traffic signs and warn the driver about getting off the lane.

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