Land rover lr3

The debut of the Land Rover LR3 model in North America took place in April 2004.

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In Europe, this car is widely known as Land Rover Discovery 3 and differs from the American version of the power units. LR3 was the first joint development of Land Rover and Ford after the entry of the British company in the summer of 2000 into Ford Motor.

The model was created on the basis of the platform type T5 from the Range Rover, but the body bearing with the frame integrated into the power frame according to the Body-Frame technology. This allowed to increase the torsional rigidity of the body and significantly improve the handling parameters compared to the previous generation.

Externally, with its stylistic proportions and design elements, the model is similar to the flagship Range Rover, but the company's uniquely recognizable element is Discovery, a stepped roof lift behind, remained, as did the rear side windows that entered the roof. The dimensions of the body are 4835/1915/1887 mm with a base of 2885 mm and a track 1605/1613 mm. The curb weight of the machine is 2.5 tons, and with a full load - 3.2 tons. The luggage compartment volume is 1260 liters, with the rear seats folded down - 2,476 liters.

The basic version is designed for 5 passengers, for a surcharge, you can order a 7-seater saloon with a third row of seats, folding the floor if necessary. LR3 is well-equipped: xenon, adaptive (turning) headlights, cruise control, automatic climate control, sunroof, leather upholstery, audio harman / kardon with 13 speakers and a subwoofer, parking sensors, rain sensor and much more.

The interior is spacious, comfortable and ergonomic. The driver's seat is traditionally somewhat raised for better visual control of the wheels. The second and custom third rows of seats are located "amphitheater" consistently above the front seats.

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The last row is fully double for adult passengers. The reserve is located in the floor; the upper part of the rear door is lifting, and the lower one leans back as a board.

The engine is located in front longitudinally. As a base, 4-liter petrol V8 16V (216 hp, 339 Nm) produced by Ford is offered. Up to 100 km / h, a car with this engine accelerates in 8.8 seconds, the maximum speed reaches 190 km / h, and the consumption of gasoline is 11.6 liters in the country and 20.9 liters in the urban cycle.

In the European versions, petrol 4.4 liter V8 32V (300 hp, 420 Nm) manufactured by Jaguar and CR II turbo diesel (developed by PSA-Ford) with variable turbine geometry of 2.7 l V6 24V (190 hp) are used. , 440 Nm). Acceleration to hundreds in 4.4 liters takes 8.6 s, and the maximum speed is 195 km / h; The average consumption of gasoline is 15 liters per 100 km. The diesel dynamics of 12.8 seconds and the "maximum speed" 180 km / h; The average consumption of diesel fuel is 9.4 liters.

Gasoline engines are aggregated with a 6-speed hydromechanical adaptive automatic transmission, and a turbo diesel engine with both automatic and 6-speed manual transmissions.

The transmission is a permanent four-wheel drive with electronic control, with a locking center differential and locking rear differential (optional). The LR3 equipment includes a proprietary five-mode Terrain Response system that optimizes traction and speed characteristics, the level of suspension stiffness and ground clearance, depending on the condition of the roadway and the characteristics of the ground covering. By turning the switch, you can select the desired mode: "normal", "slippery coating", as well as three off-road options (earth; sand; stones).

The security systems complex includes ABS, EBD, DSS stability control systems, ARM anti-tipping protection, all-mode ETC wheel traction control and HDC hill descent, as well as frontal, side and window PB.

The suspension of all wheels is independent lever-spring or on pneumatic elements of adjustable stiffness with the ability to change ground clearance.

Brakes front and rear ventilated disc. The standard tire size is 255 / 60R18 for petrol versions and 235 / 70R17 for diesel. It is possible to install 19-inch disks as an option.

Traditionally high parameters of cross-country ability do not prevent the LR3 from remaining a comfortable, comfortable and safe car.

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