Land rover defender

Defender - a direct descendant of the first Land Rover, which appeared in 1948.

Land Rover Defender 110 Overland Vehicle Build / Expedition Set-up - Walk around

For fifty years, the car slowly "evolved", changing the basic knots and appearance, but generally remaining similar to its progenitor. The current generation of Land Rover Defender is available since 1983, and structurally during this time has changed little. Today, this popular SUV is sold in 140 countries.

Land Rover Defender 1983

In 1983, only long-basic versions with three and five doors with a capacity of 12 and 9 seats, respectively, were presented. The model had in its name only figures equal to the wheelbase of the car in inches. The three-door versions had a wheelbase of 90 inches, with five doors -110 inches. In 1990, there was a four-door pickup - "king-size" with a wheelbase of 130 inches. In the same year, the car was given its own name - Defender. In the standard appeared power steering and four-wheel drive.

Instead of voracious carburetor engines - with volumes of 2.3, 2.5 and 3.5 liters (the latter is a two-carburetor) and with a capacity of 65, 75 and 116 hp, respectively, modern and more economical injector power units have come. Old engines are very voracious and consume 100 liters (series 90) and 25 liters (series 110) gasoline with an octane rating of at least 90 liters per 100 km. New power units are much more economical. Thus, the 3.9-liter petrol 182-hp V8 engine in the long-base version 110 consumes about 20 liters per 100 km in the urban cycle, although this figure does not fall below 13 liters per 100 km of run on the highway. Diesel engines are even more economical and consume about 10-14 liters of diesel per 100 km.

Defender brutal appearance was, is and probably will forever be controversial.

Landing can not be called convenient. Thresholds and high ground clearance interfere. This problem is easily solved with the help of optional steps, which are installed at an additional cost. Getting to the rear seats is even more difficult. It is quite difficult to open the heavy rear door through which passengers climb, and the large ground clearance makes the landing procedure through the third door very uncomfortable.

Torpedo performed succinctly and simply. There is nothing superfluous here, but with ergonomics everything is in order. On the dashboard, as it should be, the largest dial is the speedometer. Scales of instruments showing the time, engine temperature and fuel level, have a diameter two times smaller than the speedometer.

1991 Land Rover Defender

The center console is made in the form of a square. Using the buttons placed on it, you can manually control the air conditioner (climate control is not available even as an option), turn on the heated seats and windows, or simply control the CD radio. Opening the front glass is quite extraordinary - also using the buttons on the center console.

On the front seats to sit quite comfortably, even on long trips. The range of manual adjustments (backrest position and seat adjustment forwards / backwards) does not allow the driver of high stature to fully adjust the seat for themselves. From the uncomfortable position of the rear seats (parallel to the side windows) and their “small windows” (too narrow benches), sit on them uncomfortable. Horn by clicking on the steering wheel, will not work. The signal is taken out separately and made in the form of a forge

Nothing to say about the trunk, it is simply not there.

For all the time of release, the model has undergone many small and large upgrades. But Defender has always retained the main design features of three generations of Land Rover cars - a sturdy steel frame, aluminum body panels, rigid bridges in front and behind (Panara front suspension).

Since 2001, the majority of “civilian” Defender have been equipped with a transmission with permanent four-wheel drive, a rigidly locking center differential, free wheel differential and an anti-skid system 4ETC, but for commercial and military versions, as well as by order, they install a classic part-time transmission with a plug-in front axle and rigid locks cross-axle differentials.

Element Defender - off road. Defender has outstanding maneuverability. This car is able to move on various types of road surfaces and rough terrain, and this places special demands on the bodywork. Enamel must be durable, able to withstand dust and dirt and provide the car with a beautiful appearance regardless of operating conditions.

Land Rover Defender 2003

The body of the Discovery is coated with a primer preventing the accumulation of static electricity and treated with a compound that prevents the formation of chips. It is painted on one of the most modern enterprises in Europe. You can choose from two types of body enamel - one-color and metallic, each of which is covered with a transparent glossy varnish, which increases the depth of gloss of the enamel.

We should also mention the winch, which can pull Defender out of the most seemingly hopeless situations. By the way he winch with a remote control.

In the world there is no car 4x4, which could be compared with the Defender in terms of reliability, durability and terrain. High landing driver's seat gives a good overview of the road, allowing time to notice obstacles. The ABS system makes the car even safer and more manageable even in unforeseen situations.

The strength of the Defender in combination with the design of its brake system provided this car with the reputation of being the safest workhorse able to cope with any situations. Another advantage of this classic SUV - the entire aluminum body, most of which is not susceptible to corrosion.

Defender 90 (base 2360 mm) and Defender 110 (base 2794 mm) with a 2.5-liter turbo diesel volume and 122 hp are offered in Russia. and mechanical 5-speed gearbox.

In addition, Solihull collects models of the Soft Top 90 with a soft top, a station wagon with a removable hard top (90 Hard Top), a pickup truck (110 PU), a pickup truck of increased payload (110 HCPU) with additional springs in the rear suspension or a pickup truck with a double -cabin (110 DCPU), as well as a pickup truck with a double-cab with increased payload (130 DCPU). In addition to these basic versions, you can order various special features. Air conditioning, tow bar, Freestyle alloy wheels, Michelin off-road special tires (three types) and other equipment are offered as optional equipment.

Land Rover Defender 2007

Only for Britain, a limited edition Defender Silver 110 with alloy wheels, hinged headlight protection, improved interior trim, a CD player and silver metallic are offered in the fall of 2005.

Patency and practicality Defender provide the owner with the opportunities that are not available to all motorists. These cars are popular all over the world and are in steady demand in countries where there are no good roads.

Once again, Land Rover Defender was upgraded in 2007. The car received an updated exterior design, a new more powerful engine and a much more comfortable interior.

Appearance of fundamental changes has not undergone.

Here's the Defender of the Road

The SUV has retained all its family features, only the hood profile has been changed, an air intake grille appeared in the right wing and there is no spare wheel bracket. Body Defender traditionally made of aluminum and mounted on a powerful steel frame chassis with energy-dependent spring suspension all wheels (Panara thrust installed in front).

Salon Defender 2007 has undergone the most radical modernization in the history of the model and has become more practical and comfortable than ever. A brand new dashboard gives the interior a modern look, with a new level of quality trim complemented by a new level of ergonomics. The new instrument unit with LED backlight allows the driver to read the displayed information without any problems. Improved also the instrument cluster. The scales of the speedometer and tachometer are now resolved in the technologically advanced white-yellow scale. On the panel (at the edges) there were convenient shelves for things, as well as a 14-liter box, instead of which you can order a traditional open niche.

In addition, powerful heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are also built into the new dashboard. The new heating system is 1.5 times more productive and warms up the interior almost twice as fast, and the new air conditioner cools the interior twice as fast and provides a 7 'C lower temperature. On the windshield appeared electric heating - a panacea for areas with a wet and cold climate. This feature is standard for SE modifications and optional for other modifications. It helps in any weather to quickly provide the characteristic Defender magnificent all-round visibility. There is also a heated front seats, standard for the modification of the SE and included as an option in the package of equipment for cold climates.

In the line Defender 2007 as many as 14 modifications, having three wheel bases - ninety, one hundred and ten and one hundred and thirty inches. In Russia, only the first two are represented. In the compact cabin Defender 90 can comfortably accommodate about 7 people. If there is a need to carry a large number of people and goods, it is better to consider the option Defender 110, the cabin of which is designed for ten passengers.

Thanks to a wide variety of body and wheelbase options, the Defender saloon provides extreme flexibility in the layout of the seats and cargo space for any task. The new seats have a more comfortable profile, clearer lateral support, and everyone faces in the direction of travel. Seats can be folded to gain extra space in the cabin. In the modification 110 Station Wagon the folding of the second row of seats (divided into sections 60:40) is facilitated by the spring mechanism. On the 90SW (standard second row) and 110SW (customized third row) versions, full-size separate seats appeared along the direction of travel and tilted to the side walls of the body. Instead of fabric upholstery, you can order half leather seat trim.

Audio Defender also improved. Now it includes additional tweeters at the top of the cabin and a connector for connecting external audio sources and MP3.

Especially for the 60th anniversary of Land Rover, an exclusive version of Defender SVX with satellite navigation (depending on the market), Recaro seats and an iPod connection socket was proposed.

Under the hood of Defender 2007, there is a Ford diesel turbine from the 2.4-liter DuraTorq family with a capacity of 122 horsepower and a common rail system. A load of three hundred and sixty Nm can be achieved at 2000 revolutions per minute, ninety percent of the maximum thrust motor develops from 1750 to 3000 revolutions per minute. The new engine not only fully meets the requirements of the EU4 standard for exhaust emissions, but also has a unique adjustment system that allows the use of low-quality fuel with a high sulfur content. In addition, the noise level of a new diesel engine is 30 percent lower than that of its predecessor. A new 6-speed manual gearbox works in tandem with the engine, which received a wider range of gear ratios to improve performance when driving off-road and on paved roads.

For Defender, the following types of transmissions are offered: for private clients -full-time with a forcibly locked center differential and electronic 4-CET anti-slip system, replacing the crosswheel locks, as well as custom-made ABS and the HDC hill descent system; on commercial versions -part-time with a plug-in front axle and rigid locks of cross-wheel differentials.

Following the substantial upgrade of 2007, the 2012 model specification has been improved. In addition to the existing S and SE kits, five new option packages are offered, the original light alloy wheels and ventilated brake discs are available for all versions of the vehicle. In addition, improved and some interior details. The seats, as well as their configurations for various configurations, are completely revised, the dashboard acquires a backlight using LED technology. Storage spaces located throughout the SUV's cabin have also been revised and offer more efficient use of the internal storage space.

The old 2.4 turbo diesel gave way to a less voluminous 2.2 liter engine. At the same time, the power of the new engine is the same 122 horsepower, and the torque is 60 Nm more than the predecessor (300 Nm). As before, the engine is paired with a 5-speed manual gearbox. The new engine allowed to increase the maximum speed of the SUV to 145 km / h. It is worth noting that the new turbodiesel meets Euro5 standard. The new diesel engine has a minimum toxicity of exhaust gases (for such standardized parameters as the levels of NOx, CO and HC). This is achieved through an optimized combustion process and a carefully developed engine management system.

A casing that provides comprehensive engine sound insulation will replace the previously used case (splash guard). This significantly reduces the noise level when the engine is running.

In addition to changes under the hood, the manufacturer of premium SUVs from the UK, offers for the new Land Rover Defender two additional option packages: Comfort and Off-RoadPack. In the first package there are options that increase the comfort of the car, including air conditioning, audio system, electric windows and remote control of the central lock. The second packageOff-RoadPack created for people who will drive a car over rough terrain. The options package includes anti-lock braking system, underbody protection, tow bar, off-road tires and wheels.

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