Lamborghini gallardo

The premiere of the Gallardo supercar (type L140) was held at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2003. The name Gallardo, traditionally for Lamborghini, whose logo is a gold bull on a black background, refers to a bullfight. This word translated from Spanish means "courageous, brave". This is the name of a popular breed of fighting bulls, bred in the eighteenth century. Today it is the most popular model from Lamborghini - over 2 years, more than 3,000 cars were built (for comparison: in 11 years of production, the Diablo produced 2,903 cars). On the "mass" of this model says its low price for Lamborghini.

The car was created by the joint efforts of Audi engineers (the design of an all-aluminum body and engine) and the Lamborghini (development of the chassis and adjustment of the suspension on double wishbones). The body is manufactured in Germany in two companies - Audi AluCenter and Krupp Drauz, and then transported to Italy for final assembly. The design is similar to the design of the Murcielago, as the appearance of these cars was created under the guidance of one master Luke Donkervolka. After the Countach, Diablo and Murcielago models, equipped with vertically-opening doors, Lamborghini decided to return to the traditional doors that open horizontally. Also, Gallardo has a wider, compared to its predecessors, an overview of what is happening behind. The driver is helped to drive a car with a variety of electronic systems that also increase the maneuverability of the Gallardo.

This car is equipped with a V10 engine located in the base in front of the rear axle. The power unit has a working volume of 5 liters. He is able to develop power up to 500 hp, which brings to the chassis either a 6-speed manual gearbox or a 6-speed robotic gearbox. The angle of the collapse of the cylinders increased from the traditional 72 to 90, which made it possible to reduce the height of the engine and lower the center of gravity of the car. This is extremely useful when accelerating to a hundred in 4.4 seconds and a top speed of 310 km / h.

The equipment includes 19-inch alloy wheels, an electronically controlled rear spoiler, manual trim with Alcantara and genuine leather, separate climate control and much more.

In 2005, the Lamborghini Gallardo SE (Special Edition) appears. This modification has sold 250 copies. All cars are two-color, with the bumpers, the contour of the engine cover, the roof and the exterior mirrors are always black. The remaining body parts can be yellow, green, orange, gray. The Gallardo SE differs from the base model with all-wheel drive, the latest security systems and a rear-view camera needed for parking. The engine cover is transparent, and it opens up an upgraded base engine, thanks to which the maximum vehicle speed increases from 310 to 315 km / h. acceleration from zero to 100 km / h in this version takes 4.2 seconds.

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2005, is distinguished by a new design and a unique system of folding the fabric top under the engine compartment cover. The folding mechanism is simple to operate and is controlled by two buttons on the front panel. The design was created in Lamborghini Centro Style. The practically flat engine compartment lid is decorated only with narrow air vents. The rear window plays the role of an aerodynamic screen, it is equipped with an electric drive and rises automatically, but can be lowered by pressing a button. The body structure was seriously changed, in particular, the sills and windshield pillars were strengthened. The Spyder engine develops up to 520 hp, it allows you to accelerate to the same 315 km / h as on the Gallardo SE, but the roof will have to be raised, otherwise the speed will be 7 km / h lower. Up to 100 km / h the car accelerates in 4.3 seconds.

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