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Why Mohan instead Kruzak? Korean who can. KIA Mohave 2018 test drive and review

SUV Kia Mohave is available since 2008 in South Korea. In the US market, this model is called Borrego. Since autumn 2009, the car is sold in Russia. Mohave for our market is collected at the Kaliningrad plant Avtotor.

Kia Mohave 2010

During development, the project was named HM, the design is based on the prototype presented in 2005 - Kia KCD II Mesa. Mohave - the so-called huge desert in the southwestern United States, the same name is one of the tribes of North American Indians. Who or what exactly the developers had in mind, giving his brainchild such a big name, is not so important.

This model allowed Kia to enter the segment of full-size SUVs and take a full place there. Distinctive features of the car are impressive size and strict style, high power and excellent driving performance, a decent level of safety and comfort.

Designers of the company have developed a moderately rigorous, fairly concise car with the appearance of a true conqueror of off-road. Large body Kia Mohave distinguish clear corners and geometrically correct lines. The headlights are edged with chrome, and the grille has an original design, unlike that of other models of the company. The lower part of the car is effectively highlighted in a contrasting color. The length of the machine is 4880 mm, width 1915 mm, height - 1765 mm, and wheelbase - 2900 mm. In combination with increased wheel arches and large wheels, this creates an image of a really large and impressive, but at the same time smart and athletic car.

Kia Mohave 2010

The car has a large and spacious interior. In Mohave proposed a three-row arrangement of passenger seats. Its capacity, provided with almost three-meter wheelbase, is impressive. It can comfortably accommodate a driver and six passengers. The seats are comfortable and equipped with heating, and the driver and front passenger seats have lateral support and position adjustment. The interior uses modern decoration materials, cabin ergonomics and build quality at a decent level. The stylish Supervision illuminated dashboard provides easy driving regardless of the time of day.

The amount of luggage in the seven-seater cabin is 350 liters. The third row seats fold 50/50, if folded into the floor, a huge trunk with a volume of 1045 liters opens up, and, adding the second row of seats, you can turn the Kia Mohave into a real truck with a luggage compartment of 2765 liters.

For motorists in Russia, there are two complete sets of SUVs: Executive and Premium. The latter is distinguished by ventilation of the driver’s seat, electric height adjustment of the pedal assembly, DVD navigation system and Bluetooth support. For the rest, both equipment options are almost identical. There is climate control and air conditioning for the rear passengers, a modern six-speaker audio system, an on-board computer, cruise control, etc.

Kia Mohave 2010

Both configuration options have a wide range of required active and passive safety systems. So active protection is provided by the ABS, ESC, BAS, DBC and HAC systems. The machine has a frame structure with programmed deformation zones, which will take the brunt of a collision. Inside, there are numerous airbags for the driver and passengers, as well as curtains and active head restraints. According to the results of crash tests, the car was assigned a rating of "5 stars", that is, the highest score. The security of the driver and passenger in frontal and side collisions was especially appreciated.

Initially, the Russian market Kia Mohave was sold in two versions, equipped with V6 engines. Under the hood of one of them, a 3.6-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 274 hp was installed, and the second was completed with a 3.0-liter diesel engine with a capacity of 250 hp. The diesel engine is equipped with a common rail injection system with piezo injectors. This increases the efficiency and environmental friendliness of the engine. Both units were combined with a 5-speed and 6-speed automatic transmission, respectively.

The car has a frame structure, four-wheel drive with a plug-in front axle and a reduction gear. For the operation of the all-wheel drive system is responsible electronically controlled clutch, which has three modes. You can drive with the automatically connected front axle, enable four-wheel drive forcibly, and in heavy off-road conditions add a “ponizhayka” to all-wheel drive.

In the fall of 2011, the Kia Mohave was slightly updated. Now this car is equipped with daytime running lights and a special connector for connecting the iPod player, the rear windows have been tinted. The diesel version has been equipped with a new 8-speed automatic transmission. A version with a gasoline engine received a unit of 3.8 liters, developing 275 horsepower.

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