Kia joice

Kia Joice 2.0 LS

Kia Joice is available since 1997. The car has a rare body type today - a bonnet minivan. At home, the seven-seater Kia Joice is sold under the ambitious name CarStar.

Joice is based on the platform of a large Kia Clarus sedan and is equipped with a two-liter, 16-valve engine producing 135 hp. Transmission - manual.

Since 1998, Kia has been part of the Hyundai Motor concern, and the Joice minivan has been assembled at the facilities of the Hyundai Precision division. Therefore, under the hood of the minivan Joice you can see the identification plate labeled Hyundai Motor Company.

Overall dimensions are 4570х1720х1645 mm, wheelbase is 2720 mm.

The design of the car turned out to be extraordinary: a square grille, round headlights and a powerful bumper would suit a military off-road vehicle rather than a family car.

Salon meets with leather seats, plastic inserts "under the tree", numerous cup holders and pockets for small items. The volume of a regular cargo compartment is small - only 165 liters, but by folding the chairs of the second and third rows, you can get almost two cubic meters of usable space.

The steering wheel is big with a puffy rim, sheathed with high-quality black leather. On the center console is a radio and climate control unit with a color LCD display. The driver's seat has adjustment in four directions.

The main advantage of this salon is the possibility of transformation. For example, the middle seats easily turn into camping tables. The passage to the third row of seats is quite comfortable. The “luggage” seats are comfortable and spacious, and the individual backrests are adjustable in angle. When folded, the seat is flush with the floor, which allows you to carry bulky loads. And to hide the luggage from prying eyes will help the folding curtain, which is stored in the "subfield" of the trunk, there are also small niches for different travel utensils.

Options include: ABS, air conditioning, seat heating, airbags and alloy wheels.

Kia Joice - a car for all occasions. Will take on board all relatives and friends, will transport a small load. On such a car is not ashamed to meet business partners, go on an excursion to another city or even a country.

In 2003, Joice was removed from production.

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