Kia elan

KIA Elan Design (1080p)

In the production range of Kia has a front-wheel sports roadster, leading its origin from the Lotus Elan. The release of this model was originally designed to enhance the image of Kia among customers. After all, it has long been known that creating a sports car requires a certain art and a high technological level of the design school.

Kia Elan is an almost replica of the English Lotus Elan car. The fact is that after the production of the Lotus was discontinued, the Koreans bought out the license for the release of the British and the name of this car. We spent a thorough restyling of the body. The car also received a new design of the front and sides of the body. Retractable headlamps gave way to two block headlights under the transparent streamlined caps. The front spoiler in the shape of a huge claw looms dangerously low over the road. The wheel arches are enlarged for 17-inch wheels, so I had to change the stamping line on the sides of the body. Added safety arc behind the seats. In general, the proportions of the Korean Elan compared with the English have not changed.

It turns out that the Kia Elan is a front-wheel-drive modification of the Lotus Elan model.

The car was first introduced in Tokyo in 1995.

Kia Elan differs from its ancestor by rear lighting equipment and its own 1.8-liter power unit with a capacity of 151 hp. A small double roadster has an enviable temperament and is capable of speeds up to 220 km / h.

Kia Elan - the first Korean serial roadster, a product of the most modern technologies (ridge frame and hinged body panels made of composite materials), powerful and high-speed car.

In 2000, Kia Elan was discontinued. In the five years of production, the car was practically unchanged.

Kia Elan is the pride of the Korean company.

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