Kia ceed

KIA Ceed is an elegant hatchback with perfect shapes, excellent cabin ergonomics and a wide variety of electronic equipment.

Az új KIA CEED bemutatkozik. Erős kezdés

It is fully focused on the European market, taking into account the tastes and preferences of European consumers. In cee`d sports design with smooth lines running from its aerodynamic nose and grille through the hood to the front highest point of the roof. The solid look of the car behind emphasizes its powerful nature, thanks to its wide, well-balanced sides and neatly carved wheel arches. Compact Ceed gives color integrated bumpers that highlight the front and rear lights, giving the car a sweep.

Kia Cee`d 2007

The length of 4.235 meters has an unusually large wheelbase (2,650 mm), this was the key to the most impressive cabin volume in the segment. Practical and well-planned space Cee`d offers a spacious interior with ample space for both the legs and the head. Comfortable bucket seats with support for the lower back and tilt of the steering column ensure an ideal position while driving. The luggage compartment holds up to 340 liters.

Engine options provide a choice from the most economical to the most powerful of the versions. Ceed comes with 4 engines: gasoline with a displacement of 1.4, 1.6 and 2.0 liters, and diesel with a displacement of 1.6 liters. Powerful acceleration along with an excellent brake system and improved suspension provide stability and confidence on the road, as well as give sports and invigorating sensations.

See`d is equipped with a fully independent suspension system, both front and rear, designed to provide precise handling and a soft, comfortable ride on the roads. Front suspension - McPherson, rear - double wishbone. Rubber from 195 / 65R on 15 inch wheels to 225 / 45R on 17 inch - depending on the version. Disc brakes in a circle: front ventilated with a diameter of 280 mm, rear - 262 mm.

Experts note the rigid and stitched carrier structure of Kia Ceed. The car readily turns into a turn and impeccably passes a curved path, responsive to the driver’s commands.

Kia See`d 2007

Special attention is paid to the safety of passengers: all cars are equipped with ABS, EBD, BAS, 6th airbags and active head restraints. The body is designed to extinguish the shock wave as much as possible during a collision and to keep the body structure unchanged in places where it is particularly necessary. The stability of the car while driving provides the ESP system.

In 2007, the KIA Cee'd SW premiered at the Geneva Motor Show, with the last letters meaning not the Station Wagon, as usual, but the Sporty Wagon.

The wagon turned out to be noticeably longer than the hatchback - the “extra” 235 mm fell on the rear overhang. Due to this, the volume of the trunk has grown by almost 200 liters and is 534 liters. The highlight of the newly developed rear part was the original fifth door, the axis of which is shifted along the roof by as much as 225 mm. Dimensions of Cee'd SW - 4470x1790x1490 mm.

In the role of the main driving force gasoline engine of 2.0 liter capacity of 143 hp Maximum speed: 205 km / h; acceleration to 100 km / h - 10.6 s. Transmission: front-wheel drive; Transmission - Manual 5-speed.

It is noteworthy that the Cee'd SW has a seven-year warranty with a range of up to 150,000 km. Of these, the first five years cover the entire car, and the last two - only the engine and transmission. Representatives of the company argue that this model made a real leap in quality.

Kia Pro-cee'd 2008 год

In 2007, the debut of the 3-door HB. As befits a modern three-door version, this is, first of all, a sports interpretation of the base model. Kia Pro-cee’d looks much more dynamic and aggressive family five-door hatchback. From the five-door version of the model will be different new headlights, slightly redesigned tailgate, and, of course, it has become shorter by 30 mm. The silhouette has become more squat.

KIA Cee'd 2018 gyors teszt

The front bumper received a new design, and its design now visually expands the car from the bottom, which works on its stability and emphasizes the speed inclinations.

The development of the Pro-cee’d design was carried out in Europe under the leadership of the head of the design center Peter Schreier, who previously worked for Volkswagen. The car is planned to be assembled at a plant in Slovakia.

Variants of Pro-cee’d engines will be the same as on the model currently being produced. Unless for sports modification will leave only powerful versions of 1.6 liters (122 hp) and 2.0 liters (143 hp).

The Kia Cee’d world premiere of a new generation hatchback was held at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. With a constant wheelbase, the car was a little longer than its predecessor - 4 310 against 4 260 mm, but at the same time a little lower by 10 mm - 1 780 and 1 470 mm, respectively. Trunk volume has grown from 340 to 380 liters.

Kia Ceed 2012

Cee’d design has become more aggressive and rapid. Wide air intake bumper emphasizes the dynamics of the car. The grille on the design of Peter Schreier has increased markedly in size. Head optics acquired LEDs. Added beautiful edging fog lights. In the case of mirrors, repeaters are installed, duplicating direction indicators.

The interior is also completely transformed and become more respectable. The manufacturer paid special attention to the finishing materials. Quality plastic is present not only on the front panel, but also on the doors of the car. The creators also worked on noise insulation, it became very quiet in the cabin. The new instrument panel is informative and pleasing to the eye. Four-spoke steering wheel equipped with tides under the girth and function keys.

In the richest version of the C’eed, a combined seat trim is used, the doors are made of light leather inserts, and the handles are chrome trimmed. Compared to the previous generation, the package bundle of 2012 is impressive: a large display of multimedia system with touch controls, an automatic parking system, dual-zone climate control and a two-section panoramic roof. True, all of the above wealth is tightly tied to the package bundles, unlike European brands, where you can “assemble” the car for yourself. And to buy C’eed, for example, with a glass roof - you have to pay for the rest of the list of options.

Kia Ceed 2012

The car has become smoother. This was made possible through the use of shock absorbers new design. In the Russian market, Cee’d is offered with petrol engines of 1.4 (100 hp) and 1.6 (130 hp) liters. The first is offered exclusively with 6-speed mechanics, and more powerful can be ordered together with a six-speed automatic. Diesel engines are also offered for Europe. 1.6 liter diesel engine with 126 hp equipped with a turbine with a complex and changing geometry of the impeller.

Kia has a FlexSteer system that, depending on road conditions and personal preferences, allows you to vary the steering force and the degree of feedback. The system works in three modes: Comfort, Normal and Sport. In the first, the steering wheel can be rotated with one finger, in the second there is a slight resistance, and only “sport” is the most informative algorithm of interaction between the driver and the car.

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