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Kia Carens (2005) - real owner review

Kia Carens debuted in 1999 in Frankfurt am Main. The manufacturer explains the unusual name as a combination of two English words "car" and "renaissance". Carens refers to a relatively rare variety of minivans - an intermediate link between microminivans, which do not exceed the length of the car-width of the car-class golf, and full-size minivans for seven or eight people. Carens is a great alternative to family cars. Practical, convenient in everyday use, it seems to be a profitable acquisition for people who from time to time carry small loads or enjoy active leisure.

Kia Carens 2000

By the way, this front-wheel-drive minivan, with transversely located gasoline engines, was created on the Kia Shuma platform. From her, he also received a 110-horsepower gasoline engine of 1.8 liters and a 5-speed gearbox. The smooth suspension is guaranteed by a smooth ride — in front and behind McPherson on the wishbone.

Standard equipment includes front airbags, air conditioning and electric window lifters. The second and third rows of seats can be folded or removed from the cabin, each seat is equipped with individual adjustments.

Sales in Europe began only in 2002. Then the company Kia introduced an updated version of Carens adapted for the European buyer. The novelty has received a slightly modified design of the front part of the body, made in a softer style, where new headlamps of complex design draw attention to themselves. The design of the hood, roof, trunk and taillights was redesigned. Changes were also the front bumper and grille. Unlike the first, the second generation Carens has become the epitome of Kia's corporate identity. The updated car has become somewhat smaller than the previous generation.

Innovations have touched and the car: a new steering wheel, an upgraded dashboard, the quality of finishing materials has become much better. Basic equipment LX has been expanded, it began to include air conditioning, ABS and EBD. And the package includes SE alloy wheels, guides for luggage on the roof, side airbags, climate control system, rain sensors, parking sensors and steering wheel, covered with leather.

The interior was pretty stylish. The front panel looks original thanks to the center console, which resembles a knight's shield. In the decoration, the manufacturer preferred the expensive plastic, due to which, for example, the steering wheel rim does not slip out of the hands. The advantage of beige-colored plastic is that the bright interior seems more spacious than it actually is. The tilt of the steering column is adjustable, but the range may be too small for tall people. The driver's seat is equipped with a tilt adjustment of the seat cushion, and the front and rear parts are regulated separately by rotating handles.

Kia Carens 2002

On the dashboard in front of the driver only speedometer, fuel gauge and coolant temperature indicators. And the speedometer is additionally digitized also in miles. On the center console, there are simple but comfortable rotating microclimate control knobs. There are enough drawers, pockets and shelves in the car - on the center console, tunnel, doors, on the casing of the rear pillars in the trunk. In the city, the driver Carens help large exterior mirrors and high landing.

Carens has three rows of seats, but to sit on the last row frankly closely. There is more than enough space at the top, but there is practically no space for the legs. The second row seats are divided in a ratio of 1: 1; they have individual adjustment not only of the longitudinal position, but also of the backrest angle. In the middle row, in addition to the standard center armrest with cup holder, there are folding armrests along the edges of the seats.

In the basic configuration Carens has 5 passenger seats, but on request you can also purchase a 6-seater version with a three-row seating arrangement. The car is produced in the 7-seater version, but only for the Korean market. In the 5-seater version, the capacity of the luggage compartment is 0.42 m³, and in the 2-seater (with folded and dismounted rear seats) - an impressive 1.63 m³.

The second-generation Carens was equipped with either a 106-horsepower 1.6-liter engine or one of two 1.8-liter engines with 110 and 126 horsepower. Plus, a two-liter turbo diesel Common with 112 horsepower. In 2004, Kia Motors replaced the 1.8-liter gasoline engine with a new 2-liter 16-valve engine with variable opening angle for 139 hp valves. The car is offered with a 5-speed manual gearbox or 4-speed automatic transmission. The Carens version with a manual gearbox develops a maximum speed of 185 km / h, with an automatic - 181 km / h, the average fuel consumption is 8.1 liters and 8.6 liters per 100 km, respectively.

Kia Carens 2006

In 2006, the third generation Kia Carens appeared on the market. Thanks to the increased size and wheelbase grown by 13 cm, the car has become much more spacious, taller and more comfortable. Bold design decisions gave the esteriera elegance and stylistic freshness. The concept of Carens is more passenger than the bus: the back doors are not sliding, but wide-open, with five default seats. However, there is also a modification for seven places. But in this case it is necessary to sacrifice double sex in the trunk.

A comfortable cabin is striking in size and offers great possibilities for transforming the second and third row seats, making it possible to maximize the use of the interior space of the cabin. Easily and naturally Carens turns into a van: the rear seats fold literally in one touch, forming a completely flat floor for the entire length of the body. Adjusting the driver's seat is carried out only in height. In addition, in the cabin there are all sorts of taynichki that can not be found on a normal car - for example, a spacious storage box under the passenger seat or the free space under the high-set back sofa. Plus an abundance of coasters and 12-volt outlets. And in all the doors there are also pockets with slots for plastic bottles.

The third generation car is not only bigger, but more powerful than its predecessor: it is equipped with a choice of two-liter petrol (144 hp) or diesel (140 hp) engine that meets the highest environmental requirements (Euro 4). By the way, overseas car is sold under the name Rondo. Instead of a 2-liter, Americans are offered 2.4-liter gasoline engines (158 hp.) And 2.7 liter (185 hp.).

Special attention is paid to the safety of passengers: the car is equipped with front and side airbags, protective curtains, active head restraints for the driver and front passenger, seat belts with pretensioners and emergency opening of the central locking system. The improved front and rear disc brakes, equipped with ABS + EBD and Stability Program (ESP), allow in an emergency to reduce the braking distance of the car and keep it on slippery turns. And most importantly - the new suspension elements guarantee stability at the sharpest corners.

The car was interesting, comfortable, well thought out and easy to maintain.

Kia Carens 2013 year

The official debut of the fourth generation Kia Carens was held at the September 2012 auto show in Paris. The new design of the minivan was created literally from scratch under the strict guidance of the chief designer of the Korean company Peter Schreier. The creators decorated the front of the block with massive almond-shaped headlamps and a two-level air duct. The lower air intake was made in the form of an inverted trapezium, and the upper one in the corporate style of Kia. Complement the picture grille "nose of the tiger" and the bumper with large vertical fog lamps. The back of the body has received a powerful bumper with an insert made of dark-colored plastic, a diffuser and additional reflectors. Appearance was swift, sporty, bright and original. The compact van looks more like a roomy five-door hatchback than a utilitarian family minibus.

The fourth-generation Carens not only radically changed in appearance, but also turned out to be more compact compared to its predecessors. The length of the car decreased by 20 millimeters (4525 mm), in width - by 15 mm (1805 mm), and the height decreased by 40 mm (1610 mm). This change in size gave the model some sports orientation.

However, despite the reduction in size, in the cabin of the Kia Carens, due to the increased by 5 centimeters wheelbase, there was even more free space. At the same time, the car is offered in both 5-seater and 7-seater versions.

Directly with the new design of the exterior, the minivan also received significant changes to the interior of the cabin. Now its internal atmosphere is sustained in calm business tones. The new steering wheel, a large dashboard with a large screen for the onboard computer, as well as a massive torpedo with a touch-screen color screen. The seats of the first row are comfortable and comfortable, in the second row there are three separate chairs, capable of intermingling independently of each other in the longitudinal direction and changing the backrest inclination. In the third row there are two places, designed for people who are not tall or children. The interior transformation capabilities have been improved. For example, the third and second rows of seats fold easily into a flat floor, and individual seats can move back and forth. The backrest of the front passenger seat can also be folded into a flat floor.

Kia Carens 2013 year

Standard equipment of the car includes a cruise control system, heated steering wheel and air conditioning. Have their own heating and a number of front seats. Top models are equipped with front seat ventilation, a longer bottom cushion and special lumbar supports.

Aggregated Kia Carens 2013 with two petrol and two diesel engines. Direct-injection petrol versions are available in 1.6-liter capacity and 135 hp. and 2 liters capacity 175 hp Diesel engines are represented by a 1.7-liter "four", depending on the version issuing 115 or 136 hp. The choice of gearboxes is limited to six-speed "mechanics" and "automatic".

At the heart of Carens IV is the Kia Ceed elongated (+100 millimeters) platform. Only in comparison with its co-platform, which has a multi-link scheme in the rear suspension, the 2013 model year Kia Carens has a torsion beam, and McPherson is installed in front of it.

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