Infiniti qx4

Overview of my Modded 2002 Infiniti QX4

The Infiniti QX4 was first introduced in Detroit in 1996. All cars of this brand are distinguished by a prestigious image and luxury equipment. Most Infiniti models have grandparents in the Nissan range. No exception, the QX4 is an upgraded and richly designed version of the Nissan Terrano SUV, known in the US as the Pathfinder.

In comparison with the Terrano, the car has more impressive dimensions, moldings above the thresholds, wheel arch extensions, a slightly modified front bumper, into which four additional headlights were inserted - head light and fog. Complete the picture nameplates on the hood and rims.

The design of the first generation QX4 standard for this class of SUVs of the mid-90s. Bearing body with a powerful integrated subframe, a longitudinal engine, basic rear-wheel drive, independent front suspension (spring), rigid rear axle on springs with a system of five longitudinal and diagonal levers.

Powerful anti-roll bars in front and behind give the car an almost passenger character, but seriously limit off-road capabilities.

In the interior leather dominates. She trimmed the seat, steering wheel, gearshift selector lever, door panels and partially a tunnel on the floor.

The seats have dual-mode electric heating. Successfully executed joysticks that control the front seats, and the keys that regulate the backrest. They are configured to fit the chair, so that by moving them up and down and back and forth, you can easily achieve a perfect fit. But the rear seats can not be called luxury: harsh, with undeveloped relief, without heating. Although the pillows are perfectly sewn, the backrest is adjustable in tilt, there are armrests with walnut inserts and plenty of free space.

The steering column is adjustable only in height, but in such a wide range that the driver will not feel any discomfort.

In the center of the dashboard, crawling on the "beard", is located elegant walnut panel. It frames the climate control console with automatic and manual modes and the Bose stereo system. Under the "music" set switch, allowing on the go to choose the full or only rear-wheel drive and lock the center differential. The inclusion of a low number of gears is carried out by the lever to the left of the gearshift selector. The selected transmission mode displays the icon on the scale of the tachometer. Above the salon mirror is a liquid crystal display showing the temperature in the cabin and overboard, as well as time.

In the large cargo compartment for the jack and a certain number of wrenches there are special niches. The trunk can be fenced off with the included net.

A wide footboard runs along the whole body, which not only facilitates the entrance to the salon, but also perfectly protects the lower part of the body from water and dirt, flying from under the wheels.

When opening doors are fixed in three positions. The rear door rises in an almost vertical position, allowing you to get close to the car when loading or unloading luggage. If necessary, you can raise the rear window for ventilation or transportation of long items.

Under the hood, a 3.3-liter V6 engine producing 168 hp. This rather heavy-duty power unit makes the car sporty temperamental.

For the American car, the Infiniti QX4 has a completely unremarkable suspension - tough and elastic.

When overcoming the defects of the pavement, tram tracks, snow parapets and other obstacles, the shock absorbers instantly quench any push. The maneuver is facilitated by the fact that the environment is well controlled due to the high seating position, a large glass area and large mirrors.

Infiniti QX4 first years of release is a great car that fully meets the requirements for the category of "luxury". No wonder the company J. D. Power included it in the list of the best compact SUVs of America in 1997.

In 1999, the company carried out a restyling.

On the Infiniti QX4 began to install the system of all-wheel drive All-Mode 4WD type torque-on-demand (time on demand). Under normal conditions, the car is rear-wheel drive, and when accelerating or slipping the wheels, the electronics use the center differential, transferring up to 50% of the torque to the front wheels depending on the speed of rotation of the front wheels.

Salon, from design to equipment, is one of the strengths of the Infiniti QX4 and the main difference from the more affordable Nissan.

Walnut wood panels, expensive natural leather and suede trim, a rich list of standard equipment, Bose's 150-watt hi-fi stereo system can be complemented with the Birdview branded navigation system with a 6-inch LCD display.

Since 2001, the QX4 has received a 3.5 liter engine (VQ35DE), which with a manual box develops a power of 250 hp. and torque 325 Nm. With the "automatic" performance slightly different - 240 hp and 360 Nm.

The main impression that makes QX4 - is stability and solidity.

But in recent years of release, demand for QX4 has plummeted. Outdated design, unification with the more affordable Nissan Pathfinder model and the emergence of several new competing models led to the fact that the car was completely discontinued in 2004.

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