Infiniti j30

The progenitor of the Infiniti J30 in the Nissan brand is the Leopard model.

600+ HP Turbo LS Infiniti J30 - One Take

The car debuted in 1992, was created specifically for the American market. Sedan received transversely located V6 engine, an attractive and dynamic design.

J30 has a large interior space: a wide and roomy interior, decent size luggage compartment.

As standard, the Infiniti J30 is equipped with devices such as freon-free air conditioning with automatic temperature control and electric windows and door locks. Traction Enhancement System with a viscous limited slip differential, heated front with timer, heated rear mirrors and a spoiler on the trunk lid are also standard.

Infiniti J30 Official Promo (1993)

All this, along with other touches of luxury, makes the Infiniti J30 a seductive family sedan.

The three-liter 24-valve V6 engine, which develops 213 hp, provides handling with good feedback and a smooth power supply.

Transmission or 5-speed manual, or 4-band automatic. Independent all wheel suspension with anti-roll bars. The excellent combination of a spacious cabin, good dynamics and controllability brought to high parameters allowed the model to take a good place on the market.

In 1997, the Infiniti J30 was removed from production.

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