Hyundai veracruz

Hyundai Veracruz - a full-size SUV debuted in January 2007 at the Detroit auto show.

Teste Drive - Hyundai Veracruz V6

The development of this model, codenamed EN, cost the company about $ 222 million and lasted twenty-six months. Veracruz combines excellent driving performance and luxury trim, and also has a rich set of standard options that provide increased comfort and convenience.

The five-door Veracruz load-bearing body is truly huge. The car is built on the platform of Santa Fe, stretched over ten inches. Overall dimensions are 4840x1945x1750 mm. Ground clearance (clearance) - about 200 mm. The spacious cabin has 3 rows of seats accommodating 7 passengers. The crossover surpasses all predecessors in quality of finishing and equipment, so the trunk now opens with the help of an electric drive, you can open the doors and start the engine without the usual key, which was replaced by the Smart Key device, and a special system will warn you about the car approaching from behind. Also, the novelty is equipped with a high-end Infinity audio system and a built-in GPS-navigation system that can be operated without removing hands from the steering wheel. At the request of the owner of the salon can be covered with velor or leather. Among the pleasant little things that this car has, it is worth noting the adjustable pedal assembly, the rain sensor, the on-board computer, heated side mirrors, as well as the heated zone of the wiper blades.

Especially for this car has been developed modern high-performance S-shaped diesel engine with a wave arrangement of cylinders. The maximum power of the unit with a volume of 2.959 cm³ is 240 hp. at 3800 rpm

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Veracruz supplies with this power unit to Russia are questionable.

It also offers a gasoline engine of 3.8 liters Lambda, which has already established itself in the new luxury sedan Hyundai Grandeur. The engine has a maximum power of 260 hp. at 6000 rpm. A key feature of this type of engine is the presence of an intake manifold with variable geometry.

To reduce vibration, diesel and gasoline engines are installed on specially designed supports. Using the energy of the engine exhaust, these supports create vibration resistance. Both engines are equipped with an Aisin automatic gearbox - the first six-speed transmission engine developed by Hyundai. It is equipped with a transmission effort control module, which allows shifting more smoothly and quickly. To shift gears manually, the popular Shiftronic system is included in the transmission.

A lot of care creators have shown about the safety of passengers. As standard, there are systems that fix the position of the body of the driver and the front passenger in a frontal collision, as well as additional airbags located on either side of the front seats. To install a child seat in the passenger seat in the Veracruz provides for disabling the front passenger airbag.

Braking performance is ensured by the use of 9/10-inch paired brake boosters. The electronic brake force distribution system and the dynamic stability control system of the vehicle, as well as the traction control system, are offered as standard and provide the maximum braking force and directional stability of the vehicle even in the most adverse road conditions.

The front suspension is like a passenger car - like MacPherson (gives excellent handling on asphalt), and the rear one is independent multi-link (adds stability and stability). Veracruz can be both front-wheel drive (common on the North American market and the domestic market of Korea), and with permanent all-wheel drive Full Time 4WD with viscous coupling (when operating under normal conditions, the power is distributed between the front and rear axles in a ratio of 40:60, which should provide the most effective implementation of the engine traction capabilities and good controllability). The Veracruz center differential is controlled by a specially developed electronic system that provides constant control over the distribution of torque.

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