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Hyundai Tucson is named after a North American city in Arizona. In the language of the indigenous people, the Pima Indians, the word "tucson" means "spring at the foot of the Black Mountain."

This representative of the class SUV in the best way combines the characteristics for daily use with solid off-road qualities. He has a sporty appearance and power reserve for active driving.

Prompt and pleasant looking look give the car the decisive male features that buyers traditionally want to see in the SUV. Its main advantages are multifunctionality and practicality. Front view was very impressive. The Tucson has a relatively large grille in front, as well as headlights that blend in with the hood lines and the edges of the wings. The front bumper is a large large molding that starts immediately from the grille down, there are three large air intakes and two fog lights (on models where they are), and then a spoiler is formed from it. The appearance of the Tucson is noticeably enlivened by alloy wheels, roof rails and protective plastic lining on the body and bumper. Special sports chic give dual exhaust pipes.

The 195 mm ground clearance adds confidence, which allows us to prove in practice that the “off-road view” is not a hoax for future owners.

The car has a permanently connected four-wheel drive and when driving on dry asphalt, up to one hundred percent of the tractive effort is transmitted to the front axle. If necessary (for example, in turning or skidding), the rear axle is connected, and on off-road, with the touch of a button, you can switch to the mode of forced symmetrical distribution of thrust between the axles.

Behind the athletic appearance lies a comfortable, extremely functional interior. One of the distinguishing features of the new SUV is a spacious interior in which the driver and passengers will feel very comfortable. Comfortable and functional dashboard, the steering wheel does not close the instruments, everything is in sight. Indication of sensors is visible even when the sun hits them. The toolbar contains three elements, with a large speedometer in the center and smaller tachometer and fuel level sensor on the sides.

The rear row of seats successfully folded. And when you transform the back, the pillow moves, allowing you to form an absolutely flat surface - very clever and comfortable. The front passenger seat can also be folded, providing space for long items that need to be transported, or creating a comfortable desk for a single driver. The walls of the luggage compartment are plastic, not forgotten mesh and outlet. Large luggage space can be hidden using a solid luggage rack. A large, washable rubber mat covers the hidden storage area under the floor. There are six elements for securing cargo on the side of the car to protect the cargo, as well as three hooks for fastening the bags. The glass of the tailgate opens, which is very convenient when the car is loaded with a "toggle string".

In Russia, the car comes with a 2.7-liter V6 DOHC engine producing 175 hp. and a 2-liter four-cylinder DOHC CVVT engine producing 142 hp. Both engines run on 92nd gasoline and are combined with 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmissions.

An independent McPherson front suspension and an independent multi-link at the rear create the right mood while driving. On the go Tucson is easy to drive and, despite its high landing, is able to maneuver well in a wide range of speeds.

Safety is provided by deformation zones and airbags, both front and side with curtains. Plus, the standard equipment includes a variety of electronic systems (ABS, EBD, TCS, TOD), as well as full power, audio training and much more. For an additional fee, you can install a tire pressure sensor.

In 2006, the car received the highest rating of "5 stars" from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The simplest equipment includes climate control, ABS, radio, heated front seats and mirrors, roof bars and engine compartment protection, as well as fog lights, power windows on all doors, alloy wheels. Installation of additional options, and all kinds of clever lotions is possible.

In 2007, sales of the front-wheel-drive version of Tucson will begin in Russia. The decision to start the implementation of the new modification was made on the basis of research, according to which many owners of this model mainly operate it in urban environments and do not use the off-road capabilities of the car.

The front-wheel-drive Tucson will be delivered to Russia with a 2-liter engine. and automatic or manual transmission.

Hyundai Tucson is designed to become a symbol of success, freedom, youth and sporting spirit. Worthy of the Hyundai lineup, this car became its own in the league of light SUVs, while maintaining a small gap in price from its more well-known and "promoted" classmates. And this is its peculiarity and advantage.

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