Hyundai starex

2018 Hyundai Grand Starex Facelift Walkaround Exterior Interior

The Hyundai Starex is a multipurpose full-size minibus, which was first introduced by the South Korean car company Hyundai in 1997 for sale in the Korean, Chinese and European markets. This model has quite a lot in common with the car of the Japanese company Mitsubishi called Delica, as well as the Space Gear model. And this is not surprising, because these two companies are closely cooperating with each other, and Hyundai Starex is an example that is due to many technologies developed by Mitsubishi engineers.

Minibus Hyundai Starex is offered in various modifications of the body for various purposes. Among them are cargo vans, cargo and passenger and passenger models with different numbers of seats, capacity and capacity indicators.

As for the engine, initially minibuses were equipped with a four-cylinder 8-valve turbocharged diesel power unit SOHC of 2.5 liters, whose power was 85 hp. at 4000 rpm. The maximum torque of the engine was 170 Nm. Transmission options offered two. In the standard configuration was a 5-speed manual transmission, and as an option could be installed 4-speed automatic transmission. The brake system of the car included disc brakes (front ventilated) with anti-lock braking system ABS on all wheels. Also, the technical equipment included the traction control, and the options offered by the manufacturer included parking sensors (parking sensors) and airbag equipment on the driver’s side.

In 2000, the second generation of Hyundai Starex. The minibus received an updated front part, as well as a 16-valve turbocharged 2.5-liter diesel engine with direct injection, whose power was 147 hp. In general, these were all the distinctive features of the new generation.

In 2004, the third generation of Hyundai Starex minibuses appeared, which is still being produced. The car was subjected to serious restyling. The car got a more sporty, modern appearance. Especially noteworthy are the updates of the front part, namely the new bumper, which passes into the wide grille. The changes also affected the technical part, namely the proposed power units. For the updated minibus, two versions of 2.5-liter engines were already proposed: an 8-valve turbocharged diesel with a power of 101 hp, which was installed as standard and a 16-valve turbo-diesel with direct injection and variable turbine geometry, whose power was 174 hp .. The interior of the Hyundai Starex has also been updated. Along with the new trim, 3 airbags (already standard), easy-to-remove seats, full electrics, climate control system, a DVD player with a speaker system consisting of six speakers appeared. Minibus Hyundai Starex is quite popular among cars of its class today.

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