Hyundai matrix

Designed Matrix based on Lantra III, the first station wagon of Hyundai Motor Company.

2005 Hyundai Matrix GLA (Inokom Matrix) Start-Up, Full Vehicle Tour, and Quick Drive

However, the parameters of the body have undergone quite strong changes. The car is the second minivan of the company (the first was the Trajet) and the first kompaktven in particular. First debut took place in Asia with the Lavita model, and then in Europe in 2001, where Hyundai presented the same model, but called the Matrix. The version for the European market received a more powerful engine, the 1.5-liter unit with a power of 100 hp is put on the Lavita.

Creating Matrix, Hyundai experts, first of all, sought to create a car that would be good, convenient and comfortable. It is perfect for family walks and business trips. In the city, it is characterized by good maneuverability and small dimensions (height -1635 mm, length 4025 mm), but at the same time the car is pleasantly surprised by a spacious interior.

Matrix design is made by the legendary Italian atelier Pinifarina.

Getting inside is easy through large doorways. The interior design is original. For example, an information display with a set of warning lamps is located on the site of the dashboard, which greatly facilitates monitoring of the state of all systems. And the dashboard itself is brought to the center console and turned to the side, to be constantly in the field of view of the driver. As a result, the review increases, and it becomes easier to keep track of what is happening on the road.

The seats are solid, moderately stiff, with sufficient lateral support, the driver’s is with an armrest. The rear seats are adjustable horizontally (range - 195 mm), which creates additional space for the legs, and vertically (23-58 degrees), which provides comfortable seating and a better view of the road. The Hyundai Matrix windshield has a convex shape and is slightly recessed - this improves aerodynamic performance and also increases visibility.

The transformation of the cabin allows you to fully fold the rear seats and get one flat surface, which is very convenient for the carriage of goods. The back door opens traditionally - up. The trunk, despite the short overhang, is large enough; a full-size spare tire is placed under its floor.

Provided in the cabin and many convenient compartments for storage.

يونداى ماتريكس Hyundai Matrix Review

Two niches in the side walls of the trunk and under the row of rear seats are designed for tools. Under the front seat there is a compartment for shoes, and folding tables are installed in the backs of the front seats. Also a lot of small tanks on the front panel and about 12 cupholders throughout the cabin.

For complete control of the situation on the road, an on-board computer is provided. It displays information on fuel consumption and the distance to refueling, tracks the distance traveled, travel time and much more. A special sensor alerts you when the handbrake is on.

The heart of the Matrix today can be one of three engines: 1.6 l / 103 hp, 1.8 l / 122 hp, as well as a three-cylinder turbo diesel with an output of 82 hp. In Russia, the car comes only with the most powerful engine capacity of 1.8 liters.

Transmission to choose: automatic or manual.

Matrix brakes with anti-lock system, front disc and rear drum.

MacPherson front suspension is the best option to equip a car. Dual-link rear suspension successfully does the side roll of the car when entering a corner.

Matrix has a good security system. Body - the first line of defense. Critical elements of the body, made of high strength steel, provide maximum rigidity and protect the driver and passengers. In a collision, the power structures of the body are deformed according to specially designed schemes - this allows to extinguish the main impact force. The presence of airbags and seat belts with pretensioners is natural.

The fuel pump and filter are combined into one unit and located inside the fuel tank. It is the safest of all existing systems. Fuel leakage and ignition after an accident are excluded.

The standard Hyundai Matrix includes ABS and EBD. These systems provide an even distribution of braking forces depending on the road surface and the cabin load and shorten the braking distance.

Hyundai Matrix headlights use the Multi Focus Reflector (MFR) system. The light from the lamp falls on the reflectors, which refract the light into the guide lens and do not allow to blind the oncoming drivers.

Hyundai Matrix combines all the advantages that a modern car should have: reliability, safety, comfort, convenience and power.

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