Hyundai ix55


This model is sold since 2007 in some countries under the name Hyundai Veracruz. In the Russian market Hyundai ix55 is offered since 2009. The car is based on the Hyundai Santa Fe platform stretched by more than ten centimeters. In the spacious seven-seater cabin ix55, both the passengers and the driver will feel as comfortable as possible. A seat with good lateral support, lumbar support and a large amplitude of adjustments gives the driver of any height to choose the optimal position, while there is enough space in the middle row. If necessary, the second-row seats can be pushed back to make way for the third-row seats, which can also be conveniently transformed and folded at a 50:50 ratio.

Hyundai ix55 2009

Hyundai ix55 is available in three trim levels: Base, Ultimate and Luxury. But even in the basic configuration, the SUV looks very solid: cruise control, an excellent Infinity audio system, dual-zone climate control, tinted rear windows, a rear spoiler, beige or black leather interior to choose from, wood trim, heated wiper rest zone, trim steering wheel and gear knob leather and more. Luxury equipment will delight the buyer with six airbags, a stabilization system, an audio system with a CD changer and a subwoofer, heated seats, full electric equipment, xenon headlights, parking sensors, rain sensor, sunroof and electric tailgate.

Thanks to the smart key function, the key does not need to be inserted into the ignition lock, it is enough to keep it in your pocket, the anti-theft system and the central lock are activated at the touch of a button in the door handle. Middle-row passengers along with the front can control the separate climate control using the remote control in the back of the center armrest, there is also a twelve-volt socket and a small capacity.

Hyundai ix55 2009

In their concern for comfort, Hyundai specialists have not forgotten about ensuring reliable safety of the driver and his passengers. The car has a body that has passed a special system of computer tests, and has a gain zone, as well as special deformation zones. In the standard configuration of the Korean SUV is not only frontal, but also side airbags, installed on both sides of the front seats, active head restraints to protect the neck and upper spine with powerful rear bumps. Also Hyundai ix55 is equipped with special systems that fix the position of the driver and the passenger in the front seat in frontal and side collisions. The braking system uses 17-inch front discs and 16-inch rear discs, uses EBD, ABS systems and a dual amplifier. MacPherson suspension and multi-link rear suspension with ESP system and traction control system in standard equipment allow you to make the movement more convenient and safer.

Hyundai ix55 2009

Moreover, for the ix55 is not terribly bad roads and mountainous terrain - it is able to overcome the rise at an angle of up to 35.5 degrees. The ground clearance is 205 mm, the turning radius does not exceed 5.6 m, and the angle of the longitudinal cross is 17.9 degrees. The declared ford depth is 500 mm. The all-wheel drive system is implemented in the ix55 through a multi-plate viscous coupling. In a straight-line uniform motion, only front-wheel drive works, and the rear wheels are connected if necessary. The driver can forcibly close the clutch using the 4WD Lock button. At a speed of more than 40 km / h, the system will automatically disable all-wheel drive and return to the specified mode only when the speed decreases.

Hyundai ix55 is equipped with a 3.8-liter V8 engine capacity of 260 liters. with. or three-liter turbodiesel capacity of 239 liters. with. "Mechanics" in a pair to the engine is not yet provided, any equipment comes with a six-speed automatic Shiftronic, having a "manual" mode switch.

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