Hyundai i40

In 2011, Hyundai presented two new products at once - the Hyundai i40 Wagon (wagon) at the Geneva Motor Show in March, and two months later the Hyundai i40 sedan in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Hyundai i40 FL 1.7 CRDi 141 hp 7DCT Premier GT (2016) Exterior and Interior

This model is intended to become the flagship of the company in the European market among class D cars. The model has replaced the outdated Hyundai Sonata and personifies a new stage in the development of the Hyundai line of cars designed specifically for Europe.

Hyundai i40 Wagon 2011

The i40 was developed by the European research and development center of the company, located in the German city of Rüsselsheim, so the car meets all the ideas of European consumers about high-quality and modern "premium-class" cars. Dynamic and attractive appearance, interior dimensions of the passenger compartment are the main trumps of the car in the competition for the European market.

In appearance, the i40 in both bodies continues the corporate style of “flowing lines”. The Hyundai i40 Wagon confidently declares with all its face that the times when generalists looked dull and utilitarian have passed. The Korean manufacturer breaks stereotypes and positions the new station wagon as a model with a sporty appearance. Sedan looks compared to the station wagon quieter. Front lighting complex beautiful shape, two-section trapezium false radiator grille. The upper part of the central air intake in a sedan with two strips, and the station wagon - with one. The rest of the body versions are not distinguishable from the front. Coupling forms are inherent in both bodywork. Corporate edge in the upper level flows through the entire sidewall, lower vyshtampovka complements the swiftness of the silhouette. The side rear of the sedan with a falling roof smoothly into the stern. The wagon has a longer roof, it gently flows into the fifth tailgate. Above the rear door glass Hyundai i40 Wagon is located spoiler, adding silhouette sport wagon. The backs of the bodies also differ, common elements are present, but the wagon is more attractive and harmonious here too. Sedan with a simple bumper, beautiful rear lights, swollen wheel arches. The wagon boasts a monumental bumper, more fancifulled rear side lights, a huge tailgate and a simple element in the form of a chrome-plated insert piercing the rear lighting engineering.

The dimensions of the Hyundai i40 Wagon (Sedan) are: length - 4770 (4740) mm, width - 1815 mm, height - 1470 mm, base - 2770 mm. In its class, the i40 sedan has the most spacious cabin. So, for example, the distance to the ceiling from the seat cushions is 1025 mm, the width of the passenger compartment at shoulder level is 1455 mm, and the legroom is 1170 mm.

Hyundai i40 Wagon 2011

Smooth lines are continued in the internal space of the Hyundai i40. The interior decoration of both bodies is the same. Convenient three-spoke steering wheel, informative devices. The controls, twists and switches are made of quality materials and are conveniently located. Soft plastics torpedo and door cards are perfectly complemented by comfortable seats with pronounced lateral support. In the second row, three passengers have enough space, their knees do not rest on the seat backs, and the ceiling is high.

Sound and noise insulation at a high level. The reduction in noise and vibration, to which the company is receiving special attention, led to the installation of a new acoustic package for an i40 with a diesel engine. Created for a more comfortable ride, the package includes sound-absorbing mats that reduce noise from the engine layer in the engine compartment and the use of textile liners in the wheel arches to reduce noise from the road.

Regardless of the body (sedan or station wagon), the Hyundai i40 is offered in three equipment levels: Comfort, Style and Premium. Already in the initial Comfort, power mirrors with heating, a radio with CD and USB and AUX connectors, Bluetooth, air conditioning, a multi-steering wheel in the skin, fog lights are available. Hyundai i40 Premium is packed to match the name: climate control, power mirrors and front seats, heated mirrors and seats for all passengers, light and rain sensors, leather upholstery, rear and front parking sensors, heated steering wheel and an automatic system to prevent fogging of windows, a warning system for crossing the marking. Additional options include bi-xenon headlights and glass sunroof. A nice surprise was the standard option in the form of a warranty program from Hyundai, representing free car diagnostics and roadside support.

Hyundai i40 2011 year
The luggage compartments of both bodies delight in their spaciousness, the Hyundai i40 Wagon ranges from 555 to 1,720 liters, the sedan boasts 500 liters. The cars in the basic configuration are shod with tires 205 / 60R16, installation is possible 225 / 45R18. The front MacPherson strut, rear - independent double wishbone. Disc brakes.

The line of powertrains Hyundai i40 is represented by two petrol and two diesel engines. The 1.6 MU and 2.0 GDi petrol units develop 135 hp. at a torque of 850 rpm. and 177 hp

Hyundai i40 Tourer estate review - CarBuyer

at 6,500 rpm respectively. Diesel engines 1.7 l CRDi (116 hp), 1.7 l CRDi (136 hp). For gasoline engines, you can choose either manual or automatic transmission. Together with diesel engines there is a robotized transmission.

Of the security systems, on each Hyundai i40 nine pillows are standardly installed - front, side curtains and knee. Of the active safety systems, the car comes standard with: ESP (Dynamic Stabilization System), ABS (anti-lock braking system), Hill Start Assist Control (assistance when moving uphill), VSM (electronic stability control), Brake Assist System (emergency brake assist system) ).

In 2015, the model was restyled. Significant changes in the exterior of the car has not undergone, and the overall dimensions of the body have not changed.

Hyundai i40

The main innovations in the exterior are concentrated in the bow. An absolutely new hexagonal grille of impressive dimensions, decorated with chrome horizontal lines, catches the eye. The shape of the headlamps has remained the same, but a few have changed the lighting equipment, as well as added strips of LED running lights. The bumper has also undergone a design review, now it looks more aggressive. The bumper has changed the shape of the fog light niches. And the lights themselves at i40 2015 are not round, but in the form of an LED strip. As before, stylistic projections are located below these niches, forming a small skirt. The body also received new shades of paint and rims of a different design in size from 16 to 18 inches. In short, the front part of the i40 has become more expressive and stylish, and all the improvements have gone to the model exclusively for the benefit.

Inside the car, the driver and passengers will be pleased with higher-quality finishing materials and the possibility of choosing a new color scheme. It is worth noting the emergence of an updated multimedia system with an enlarged display. It boasts a new fast processor and noticeably improved graphics. The screen is surrounded by air deflectors and numerous control keys responsible both for the system itself and for the climate system. The Drive Mode button (instead of Sport), which is responsible for the operation modes of the electric power steering, the response to the gas pedal and the speed of the box, is located on the floor below all of the above. In total there are several modes: "sports", "normal" and "economical". Engineers also worked on improving noise insulation, its elements appeared in the wheel arches and under the hood.

From the technological equipment i40 2015, you can select a system that provides contactless access to the luggage compartment. But the trunk itself, since there were no significant changes in the body structure, has not changed in terms of volume. Among the new safety and comfort systems, it is worth noting the presence of intelligent light headlights with automatic switching and recognition of road signs with a warning of exceeding the permissible speed.

Hyundai i40

For the Hyundai i40 2015 both the old engines and the new power unit are presented, for which a new robotic gearbox was added.

The first engine with a displacement of 1.6 liters and a power of 135 hp, has a maximum torque of 165 Nm at 4850 revolutions per minute. At the same time, acceleration to 100 km / h takes 11.5 seconds. Works in pairs only 6-speed manual gearbox.

The second engine is a 2.0 liter 150 horsepower gasoline. The maximum torque is 193 Nm at 4,000 rpm. Acceleration to 100 km / h takes 10.9 seconds with an automatic transmission and 10.4 seconds with a manual one.

The third engine, it is new in the line - 1.7 liter 141 strong power unit. Diesel, provides good dynamics and low fuel consumption. The maximum torque is 340 Nm at 1750-2500 revolutions per minute. It has a turbocharger. Equipped with a new robotic 7-speed transmission with double clutch. Acceleration to 100 km / h takes 10.8 seconds.

Hyundai i40 2015 got a system that simulates a differential lock. This system should provide better grip on the road when cornering. Also available for the station wagon rear shock absorbers with varying stiffness. These shock absorbers are electrically controlled.

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