Hummer h1

Hummer H1 - Geländewagen-Vorstellung I 4x4 Passion # 35

The history of the Hummer brand began with the needs of the US military in a universal off-road car. First, in 1979, AM General introduced the multi-purpose all-terrain vehicle HMMWV-M998. The all-terrain vehicle was notable for ease of operation, phenomenal maneuverability and could carry various types of weapons. In record time, he became the main vehicle of the US Army. In 1992, a new stage began in the life of the legendary SUV. AM General launched the civilian version of this car - the Hummer H1. Before the premiere, the model was slightly upgraded (a more comfortable interior with air conditioning, a stereo system and leather seats on request). Success exceeded all expectations. Despite the high price, the Hummer quickly gained popularity, primarily due to the stunning image and unique all-terrain compared to conventional SUVs.

In terms of off-road performance, the Hummer H1 is undoubtedly a leader due to its carefully crafted design, which is based on a durable steel frame that holds the engine, transmission and elements of a very durable independent spring suspension on A-arms. The exterior body panels are partly made of aluminum and are interconnected by rivets.

Hummer H1 is the largest SUV in the world. Its gross weight is almost 5 tons, its dimensions are 4.7 x 2.2 m and almost 2 meters high. Every year, the car underwent slight changes, which helped the company to maintain demand at a sustainable level. The lineup included four body options: a double pickup with a large cargo hold (Open Top), a four-seater soft-top pickup (4-doors Open Top), a four-seater hard-top pickup (4-doors Hard Top) and a station wagon with a fully enclosed aluminum body (Wagon).

As a power plant, a 6.5-liter V8 diesel engine with a power of 170 hp is used. On request, it is possible to install a 195-hp down-valve turbodiesel. The maximum speed reaches 105 km / h, and the acceleration of 0-100 km / h takes only 19.5 seconds. Fuel consumption of 22 liters per 100 km.

The standard equipment included a proprietary system of permanent all-wheel drive Torq Trac 4 (TT4) with a Torsen II center differential, a de-multiplier and an electronic anti-skid system that automatically brakes one or more skidded wheels.

In 1998, General Motors bought the rights to commercial use and distribution of the Hummer brand. The model has undergone yet another upgrade (with the already-branded appearance left unchanged).

Since 2003, an electronically controlled ELocker rear self-locking differential, developed by Eaton, has been proposed as an option on a dashboard button. When driving on heavy off-road, the included ELocker is forcibly blocked when it slips, and the rear wheels begin to rotate at the same angular speed. In addition, to increase the cross-country capacity, the HUMMER H1 comes as standard with a remote tire pressure control system, which makes it possible to improve the contact of tires with a loose surface (sand, deep snow).

Since 2003, the new Monsoon branded hi-fi stereo system with a 12-disc CD changer has been offered. By the tenth anniversary of the brand, the 10th Anniversary commemorative series of 65 SUVs was produced with the original Kengurin front grille, built-in winch, leather-covered seats and trimmed steering wheel and instrument panel with wood.

Production of the Hummer H1 at the end of 2004 was suspended due to overstocking, but as early as spring 2005, the American General plant in Mishawak resumed production of the H1 in the new Alpha version in two body styles - the Open Top pickup with a soft canvas top and the Wagon wagon, both versions four-seater. The model received an updated, more spacious interior and improved sound insulation of the body. The main change in the design is the new Duramax 6.6 liter V8 16V turbodiesel, developing 300 hp. and 705 Nm, and the new Allyson M74 automatic 5-speed gearbox with two modes of tow / haul. The engine has become more powerful, economical, quiet and manageable. Increased maximum load capacity. It increased by 13% and reached 4,670 kg. Clearance raised by 5 cm.

In addition, the TorqTrac 4 (TT4) system of permanent all-wheel drive with the central center differential Zexel Torsen III was modernized. Hummer H1 Alpha is able to overcome the stony relief of 56 cm, to force a water barrier of 75 cm and climb the slope of 60 degrees. The package includes H1 Alpha leather trim, heated seats, electric windows and mirrors, cruise control. The new fuel tank began to hold 195 liters of diesel fuel, which is 36 liters more than before. This, in turn, increased the maximum mileage without refueling from 645 to 900 km.

In June 2006, the H1 was removed from production. This decision is due to low demand for a car, the price of which was about $ 140,000, as well as the constant rise in price of gasoline in the United States. The role of the flagship of the brand took the SUV H2.

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