Honda saber

Honda Saber is a front-wheel drive 5-seater business class sedan.

Honda saber

Rival Toyota Crown and Nissan Cedric. The model has been produced since 1995. It is analogous to the Honda Inspire. Saber body has an elongated silhouette, which gives the elegant business sedan a sporty touch, so not typical of this class. At the same time on the track of the car confirms the declared sportiness. The powerful Honda Saber engine is steadily gaining momentum and provides the car with very good dynamics, there is enough power reserve in all modes, the gears are shifted clearly and without delays. Automatic transmission Honda Saber deserves high praise. Manual box mode - for lovers of this drive. The programs are switched on with a flick of the wrist, and the selected program is displayed on a digital display.

The steering pleases good feedback. The stability of the Honda Saber during cornering is simply superb. The car clearly follows a predetermined trajectory even at high speed. Dual independent suspension is soft and very comfortable. Almost no vibrations are transmitted to the body.

Pre-Owned 2010 Honda Saber

All bumps suspension works out clearly and almost silently. Noise isolation at a very high level, the engine is almost inaudible.

The interior of Saber is fully responsible and confirms the status of the brand. The console slightly deployed to the driver provides maximum comfort in controlling the climate and the Bose music system with a CD player. On the dashboard a minimum of buttons, devices are located at a slight inclination and recessed into deep wells. The ergonomics of the driver’s seat are almost flawless. Both in length, and in width, and in height, Saber is ready to accommodate rather tall passengers. The trunk is not deep, but wide and long, in addition, it offers a hatch for transporting long-length.

The second generation Saber appeared in 1998. This generation was created taking into account the requirements of the American market. The model was developed and designed in "Honda of America" ​​- the American branch of Honda. Compared with previous generations of the model, the body of this Saber has a more elongated silhouette, which gives it a great sportiness characteristic of all representatives of this model. Driving characteristics of the machine fully meet its external image. Instead of the 5-cylinder engine traditionally used on this model, V-shaped 6-cylinder SOHC engines were installed here. Chief among them is the 2.5-liter engine, and for those who like to drive fast, Honda has also prepared a 3.2-liter unit. In tandem with the power units worked only 5-speed automatic transmission.

In 2003, the car was removed from production.

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