Honda odyssey

Honda Odyssey ⭐ - Mejor en todo que un SUV

The model known to Europeans as the Shuttle in the Japanese market is called the Odyssey. The first generation appeared in 1994. Then, for the Odyssey model, the production lines of the Honda Accord sedan were temporarily used, so the car received an unusual body height that differs from both the sedan and the station wagon. Equipped with a 150-strong power unit, as well as a 3.0-liter V-shaped "six" in 210 hp. Produced with front and all-wheel drive.

At that time, the car received both laudatory and critical reviews, but immediately created a sensation and created a minivan market in Japan.

In 1998, the North American Odyssey appears. He is noticeably larger than his Japanese namesake, both in length and in width. The wheelbase has grown from 2830 to 3000. Since the fall of 1999, this model appeared in Japan, but already under the name Lagreat.

The second generation that followed in 2000 appeared with a design inherited from the first generation, in accordance with the rule: "In the machine that was in demand, the concept should remain." The peculiarity of the second generation was to significantly increase the rigidity of the body and improve handling.

The passive safety system was supplemented with air bags for the driver and passenger, not only frontal but also side.

Technical design has also improved thanks to an upgraded suspension, which has become more energy-intensive. A lot of minor improvements and innovations have appeared in the interior, among which stands out a DVD player supplied as standard.

However, with the emergence of worthy competitors, the popularity of Odyssey has noticeably weakened. Therefore, in 2003, Honda responded with the development of the third generation. This generation came to the North American market almost a year later.

Honda engineers have designed a low-floor platform, installed an ultra-thin gas tank and a suspension of a new design. Thereby, they not only reduced the height of the car (now it has become 1,550 mm), completely eliminating the excess space under the floor, but also provided the interior space that is superior to the second-generation Odyssey.

The following engine types are proposed for the third generation: two 2.4-liter DOHC i-VTEC type engines (with a double overhead camshaft and a camshaft timing system). One is the usual 160 hp, coupled with a continuously variable transmission (7-speed mode), and the other is a 200 hp version of the Absolute sports type, combined with a 5-speed automatic transmission. Also appeared 240-horsepower engine.

In the list of options, in addition to the usual equipment, there is such unique equipment as the Adaptive Frontlighting System (AFS), which changes the direction of the light beam in accordance with the steering wheel; highway speed control system (Intelligent Highway Cruise Control, IHCC), which detects the distance to the vehicle in front and maintains the desired distance; as well as shock brakes, pre-detecting the possibility of a collision by using the functions of the IHCC.

The Absolute version also offers genuine Recaro seats with lateral support as an option. The height of the floor is almost the same as a regular sedan. The landing position is not too low, so the point of view is in height between sedans and other minivans, or slightly higher. In addition, depending on the class, a mechanical rear door, opened and closed with a button on the key, a system of folding the third row, folding seats under the floor, etc. are installed as standard or as an option.

In 2004, a new generation of the Odyssey minivan was released. This generation is distinguished by new style, high performance and refinement, as well as leading in its class performance in fuel efficiency, power, functionality and passenger capacity.

The car is equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 engine producing 255 hp. (15 forces more than the previous version), five-speed automatic transmission and cylinder deactivation system. Odyssey has eight seats, legroom in the third row has increased by three inches. The entire third row is retracted into the floor in one motion, the middle seat in the second row can be folded or removed altogether. Engineers have strengthened the supporting structure of the body, which increased the reliability of the car in a frontal collision. All Odyssey models are equipped with stabilizers and side airbags for all three rows of seats and electric windows.

In 2005, an updated version of the Odyssey. The new Odyssey is not a cardinal "remake" of the old model, but only a modified version. Collect this model will be exclusively for the North American market at the Honda plant in the city of Alabama. The new interior of the cabin in the configuration Absolute is made in blue. Modification M Type is equipped with special retractable seats for easy boarding in the car, a key with an intelligent card and an electric driver position adjustment system, which can take 8 different positions. The body color of the complete sets L Type and M Type is graphite pearl, the complete sets Absolute - Arctic blue pearl (Arctic blue pearl).

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