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Honda NSX was first shown in 1989 as a prototype in Chicago.

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Today, it is a symbol of Honda’s sporting spirit, combining power, speed and grace.

Streamlined low silhouette, the highest level of finish, the world's first bearing all-aluminum body, trip computer, security system, leather interior - all done according to the latest technologies.

The gamma of engines is represented by: a powerful 3 l DOHC (with two overhead camshafts, 256 hp). The maximum speed is 260 km / h. It is completed with a 4-speed automatic transmission, instead of which a sport shift system can be installed with an adaptive hydromechanical automatic and the ability to shift gears directly on the steering wheel (F-Matic transmission). And 3.2 liters V6 (280 hp) equipped with a VTEC system (electronic control of lift height and duration of valve opening). The maximum speed of 270 km / h. Complete with 6-speed "mechanics". This unit is only available since 1997.

The NSX cabin has a double surround layout, which provides both the driver and passenger with enough space. The excellent ergonomics of the driver's seat, the accuracy of the steering mechanism and reliable brakes are the key to comfortable movement. Everything else NSX differs unusually large for a sports car, the number of curved glasses, which provides excellent visibility from the driver's seat.

To maintain stability at high speeds, the RTU system serves, and in a headwind and variable road conditions, a self-locking limited-slip differential serves the same purpose. The four-channel ABS system independently controls disc brakes on all wheels. The Honda NSX is equipped with an electronic traction control system and airbags Ryaon 66 of the American company Du Pont.

Standard equipment includes leather upholstery, cruise and climate control systems, a custom engine exhaust system and Bose premium class audio system.

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All NSX models are equipped with power steering, and since 1994, even wider wheels.

There are three variants of the car: NSX, NSX-T (produced since 1997 with a targa body - removable middle part of the roof), NSX-R (produced since 1992, a light version).

The updated Honda NSX was introduced in 2001 at an auto show in Tokyo. The exterior design of the car has been significantly upgraded. There was an updated head optics, a different configuration of the air intake, as well as a new design of the rear part - lights in the entire width of the body and an integrated spoiler.

The power unit was inherited from its predecessor - a 3.2-liter V6 engine, paired with which will work either a new automatic transmission, or a six-speed manual, to choose from.

In May 2002, the new NSX-R was introduced. Manufacturers boldly reduced the share of soundproofing materials to reduce the weight of the new product and doubled the stiffness of the suspension springs. The power unit remained the same.

In 2004, Honda decided to start official NSX-R sales in the UK. Earlier, this extreme version of the NSX model was officially sold only in the domestic market of Japan.

This version of the Honda NSX-R is equipped with the same six-cylinder engine producing 276 horsepower as the base model, but differs from it in that the crankshaft in this version has been carefully balanced, thus ensuring the stability of the engine at the highest rpm.

In addition, the weight of the new product is significantly less than the previous model due to the bonnet and the spoiler made of carbon fiber, the new ultra-light Recaro seats with carbon fiber frame, an updated steering wheel and a titanium knob of the gear lever. Lightweight weight made the NSX-R faster than the base version.

Plus, a special fairing was installed on the car, which streamlines the air flow under the coupe bottom. This allowed to significantly improve the aerodynamic performance at high speeds.

It should be noted also that the suspension of the sports coupe, gearbox, brake system, now designed for larger wheels, has undergone adjustment, as well as a modernized electronic throttle control system has appeared.

In conclusion, we add that soon to replace the current model Honda NSX should come a brand new car, the development of which is nearing completion. The prototype of the new Honda super coupe was named Honda HSC (Honda Sports Concept). A different name is due to the fact that the novelty is a completely different car that has nothing in common with the previous version.

Note also that in the US, Honda NSX is sold under the Acura NSX brand, and in Japan it is called Honda Verno.

Honda NSX with dignity combines high technical data and stylistic sophistication.

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