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In order to withstand competition in the crowded market of SUVs, most manufacturers add to their cars some "zest", which makes their brainchild different from others.

2004 Honda Element Full Review | Good, Bad, and Ugly

The fruit of Honda’s creative design ideas is the Element model. The car was first shown at the Detroit Auto Show in 2001 and then it was introduced as a Model X concept.

The debut of the production version took place in 2003. Element attracted its potential buyers not only by the original exterior design and functional interior, but also by its versatility. It is designed for outdoor enthusiasts. This tough and very practical car, useful for country trips and recreation, and for the transport of goods.

To begin with, the car has an unusual design, one of the distinguishing features of which are hinged doors that do not have side racks. This allows you to simplify the loading / unloading of various goods. Outside, the Element is half made of unpainted plastic. Thanks to plastic, the manufacturer was able to significantly reduce the weight, and hence the fuel consumption. Another plus: all those parts are made of plastic that usually rust the fastest. Finally, he is not afraid of small bumps and scratches.

The salon is huge. The internal space, according to the manufacturer, can be organized in 60 different ways. But with all this variable wealth in the cabin reigns amazing asceticism.

Honda Element - The Worst Starter Design

A couple of sockets, narrow pockets in the doors, a small mezzanine for documents near the ceiling, and next to it a lonely light bulb. The distances between the seats are impressive, the ceiling is high. Wide seats are designed for large people. Modern design, quality materials, impeccable assembly. Thanks to the waterproof FXC (For Extreme Conditions) seat upholstery, the Honda Element is not afraid of dirt. Rugs in the car are missing as such. Instead of them, a urethane covering is laid on the entire floor.

The second row consists of two separate seats. And they are formed unusually, hanging in the retracted state under the roof along the sides. And even completely removed. Such a solution, coupled with a completely flat floor allows you to transport items of serious dimensions. The trunk is very roomy. With the rear seats folded, its volume exceeds 2 m³.

In addition, Honda has equipped the Element with two tailgates, one of which opens up and the other down; a removable glass roof and the seats of which are easy to make a comfortable bed.

The car is equipped with a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine producing 160 hp. and 2 gearboxes: 4-speed automatic and 5-speed manual transmission.

The scheme of a full drive is simple: when the front wheels slip, a part of the torque is thrown to the rear wheels through a multi-plate clutch.

For its owner, the Honda Element will be one of the elements of a joyful and carefree life.

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