Honda crosstour

2012 Honda Crosstour Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, Test drive

Honda Crosstour - all-wheel drive model for traveling any distance on roads of different quality. The car received a bright and impressive design. Dimensions are impressive: length - 4,999 mm, width - 1,900 mm, wheelbase - 2,797 mm. Ground clearance is 205 mm, which makes it possible to speak with confidence about the high cross-country ability of the Crosstour. Low center of gravity, provides good stability when driving on roads with any type of coverage.

Honda Crosstour

Separate attention deserves control. The advanced Real Time 4WD system allows you to instantly respond to the changed level of grip on the wheels, which allows you to confidently drive a car in any weather, moving both on dry and wet roads. Multi-link suspension makes the car very stable in turns. The design of the front suspension used double wishbones, which facilitates the implementation of deep turns. Breaking springs are provided on the front shock absorbers, which ensures that the wheels touch the road when turning on an uneven road surface. Installation of an independent rear suspension, which is characterized by sufficient rigidity in the lateral direction, also contributes to a high level of vehicle controllability.

The spacious and cozy cabin allows you to comfortably accommodate five passengers. The finish is made in the American style - leather and lining under the tree. The system of active sound insulation (ANC) protects passengers and the driver from external noise. The driver and passenger seats have several adjustable positions (8 for the driver and 4 for the passengers). Using the memory function of the driver's seat, you can save two favorite settings. The driver's seat allows you to customize the lumbar spine support for maximum comfort.

Crosstour is equipped with an intelligent dual-zone climate control system that allows you to separately adjust the temperature for the driver and passenger. Air ducts in the rear seat area also contribute to creating the desired climate in the cabin. Honda engineers have taken into account the harsh realities of the Russian winter. The car is equipped with a separate two-stage heating of all seats. The heating function is also implemented in the rear-view mirrors, which are equipped with electric drive and position memory. In addition, the mirrors automatically tilt to improve visibility to avoid hitting an obstacle when moving backwards.

Honda Crosstour

The trunk is impressive - the volume of the main part of the compartment is 457 liters, with the seats folded down - all 757 liters. A jack and a set of tools are hidden under the raised floor.

Under the hood is a V-shaped six-cylinder engine of 3.5 liters, originally used on the Honda Pilot. Atmospheric engine capacity of 275 hp and a torque of 339 Nm, confidently pulls almost two-ton car. The maximum speed of 196 km / h. Acceleration to "hundreds" takes 8.9 seconds. In the urban cycle, the car consumes 15 liters, in the country the appetite decreases to 10. Together with the power plant, an automatic 5-speed gearbox works, which can be shifted with the help of petals located under the steering wheel.

The car has a high level of security. The model is equipped with a stabilization system (VSA), anti-lock (ABS) and equipment for the distribution of braking forces (EBD). The body of the Crosstour is divided into special deformation zones with steel power elements that are able to absorb the impacts of a large force. The cabin has front and side airbags, designed for two levels of disclosure. These elements of the security system are triggered based on the strength and speed of the collision, the growth of the passenger or driver. To ensure the necessary level of security, the car is also equipped with active head restraints. If a child seat is installed in the passenger compartment, then OPDS deactivates the front side airbags for the passenger. Honda Crosstour provides the placement of two such seats with ISO-FIX mounts, which make it easy to install and remove seats.

If you need a large, comfortable and safe car with some off-road skills, then Crosstour is an excellent candidate for this role.

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