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Review: 2012 Honda CR-Z

The European version of the Honda CR-Z was first introduced at the 2010 Geneva International Motor Show. The developers had the task to create a small eco-friendly coupe for the modern world. In general, the CR-Z is built on the basis of a four-door Honda Insight, but Honda engineers have worked hard on it, significantly shortening the wheelbase, extending it in front and behind and making the whole structure more rigid. From the front to the rear bumper, the car has 4080 mm length, its width is 1740 mm, and its height is only 1395 mm. The length of the wheelbase is 2435 mm, which is 116 mm less than that of the Honda Insight, although the CR-Z has the same suspension structure - MacPherson strut front and torsion bar rear. 

In Japan and Europe, the CR-Z is presented as a four-seater with a 2 + 2 seating scheme, but on the American market the model is offered exclusively as a two-seater coupe. The exterior of the Honda CR-Z model is based on the concept of a “wedge drawn in one motion” with a low bonnet line and a wide fit that give the car a confident, athletic look. Present in the design of this coupe and the characteristic features of Honda, such as a divided rear window opening and an aerodynamic, low, sloping roof. 

Low driver's seat - this is exactly what you expect from a sports car, the pedals and the gearshift lever are located exactly where necessary. Sports seat provides excellent support and looks very stylish at the same time. The dashboard is a bunch of buttons, light bulbs and switches, but, again, not without exquisite strokes, such as a very fascinating display that reflects the current power developed by an internal combustion engine and a hybrid powertrain. The second row is designed for low adult passengers or children. The rear seats can be folded in one simple movement, providing a flat luggage space of 382 liters. Two-level luggage compartment has a lower compartment of 19 liters to accommodate additional cargo. 

The Honda CR-Z is a unique vehicle that combines the benefits of a stylish coupe and an eco-friendly, efficient hybrid installation with a 6-speed manual transmission. The combined power of the engine and the hybrid IMA system is 124 hp, and the torque is 174 Nm. 14 hp IMA electric motor capable of producing 78 Nm of torque increases torque in the low and medium rpm range and organically complements the gasoline 1.5-liter engine who loves high speed. The car consumes only 5.0 liters per 100 km in the combined cycle and has a low level of emissions of harmful substances. 

Three modes of driving are responsible for the sportiness of the hybrid CR-Z system. Three backlit buttons on the center panel offer you to choose Ecomony (Economic), Normal (Normal) or Sport (Sport), depending on the selected mode, the inner ring of the tachometer is highlighted in green, blue or red, respectively. Each of the modes offers a different throttle opening degree, force on the steering wheel, brake response and power volume of the hybrid system. When driving in traffic jams or in heavy traffic, you can choose the economy mode. In all other cases, it can be used in the NORM mode, which is an excellent balance between power, economy and emissions, and is also suitable for almost all driving conditions. 

In 2012, at the Paris Motor Show, the premiere of the updated Honda CR-Z model was held. New refers to the 2013 model year. The appearance of the car has changed a bit, becoming even more dynamic. The radiator grille became coarse-grained, and the head optics received LED sections, which are located at the bottom of the headlights. The front bumper has also changed, acquiring enlarged niches for fog lights. The car has changed the interior trim, installed a new front panel. The standard CR-Z equipment list (which includes climate control, cruise control, power windows and door locks) now includes Bluetooth®, HandsFreeLink®, a rear-view camera and extended side mirrors. Honda CR-Z 2013, thanks to a new lithium-ion battery, has become more powerful and economical. The new Plus Start System ™ improves performance by allowing you to activate an extra electrical impulse with the "S +" button on the steering wheel.

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