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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy the 2018 Honda Accord on Everyman Driver

The first car called Accord appeared in 1976. It was a front-wheel drive hatchback with a transversely located 1.6-liter 80-horsepower engine. Accord sedan saw the light only a year later. In 1978, the range of power units was supplemented with a 1.8 liter engine.  

Since then, Honda has presented several generations of this car to the public. Accord has constantly improved, allowing him to win the title of "Best Car of the Year in Japan" and within three years to be the best-selling car in the United States.

Honda accord

In 1982, the second-generation Accord began to be assembled in the United States: the car became the first Japanese to be manufactured in the New World, and since 1988, the American Honda Accord has even begun to export to Japan.

In 1983, the second generation was restyled. On engines of 1.8 liters began to install the distributed injection system PGM-FI with electronic control. ABS appeared.

In 1985, on the third-generation cars to the hatchback and sedan a wagon was added under the brand name Aerodeck. This generation was distinguished from the previous ones by the presence of the front two-lever suspension and the engines of 1.8 and 2.0 DOHC.

The era of the fourth generation came in 1990-1993. The quality of the paintwork of this generation was improved, which contributed to the excellent corrosion resistance. Trim pleased pleasing seat upholstery and impeccable quality. The ES version featured leather-covered seats. Especially popular among the fourth generation versions was the 2.0i LS with a 131-strong unit. In addition to the usual serial equipment, LS offered: ABS, sunroof, power windows in all four doors, rear-view mirrors with electric drive, etc. The luxury version 2.0i ES had high-class equipment: aluminum wheels, wooden inserts, leather upholstery, air conditioning, airbag and central locking.

Honda accord

In 1991, the range of engines replenished 2,2 DOHC.

Since 1992, the Accord begins to be produced in the UK.

The next, fifth generation of the Accord debuted in 1993. Initially, the model range was presented only sedan, and only a couple of years later there were modifications to the coupe and wagon. Thanks to the galvanized bodywork, this generation Accord resists corrosion well. It has a fairly spacious cabin, the inner space of which allows it to be quite comfortable both in front and behind. In the decoration used quality materials with the dignity of the past test of time. The seats are comfortable, with distinct lateral support. Engines differ in power and reliability. To them in this generation, Honda’s mechanics added an aggregate of 2.2 DOHC VTEC.

In 1997, the sixth generation Accord. American, Japanese and European versions are very different from each other in appearance, interior and line of power units. Moreover, depending on the sales market, the cars had different sizes, including the base and the track. Honda engines 6-generation can be very diverse.

Honda accord

The European version of the car was developed by the Japanese together with research centers in England and Germany and was produced in the English city of Swindon. Gamma engines offered high-performance sixteen-valve "fours". On engines of 1.8 l (116 hp), 2.0 l (131 hp) and 2.2 l (150 hp), there was the famous Honda VTEC system. Modification Accord Type R was equipped with a 2.2-liter engine producing 212 hp. Engines were assembled with a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission. Specially designed for this car five-link rear suspension served as a guarantee of good handling and high smoothness.

All cars were equipped with adjustable steering wheel, power steering, headlamp hydrocorrector, rear window defogger, immobilizer, central locking with remote control, electric mirrors, antenna, audio wiring, speakers. The body had a double-sided galvanic anti-corrosion coating.

Honda accord

The sixth generation Accord at the time of its release met the most stringent safety criteria. The car was equipped with two airbags, door reinforcement beams, three-point seat belts in the rear seats, as well as everything that helps the driver to drive the car - ABS, ventilated brake discs and obedient steering. In 2001, there was a slight restyling.

In 2002, Honda introduced the generation number seven. The seventh Accord has become larger, more mature and respectable than its predecessor. The design was carried out by specialists from the Frankfurt studio of Honda. Modified body looks quite prestigious. Honda offers a choice of eight colors with mother-of-pearl or metallic luster in combination with various beige or black interiors. The streamlined shape, excellent dynamic rigidity and improved insulation of the body, make the Accord salon an exceptionally comfortable and relaxing place to stay.

The interior has become quite different. Here, only echoes of the former Japanese spirit are preserved - in the upper lining on the door panels or in the characteristic round shape of the steering wheel switches. The dashboard is a dark space when the ignition is turned off and the car is closed, but as soon as the door locks are unlocked, the panel is illuminated and becomes even brighter as the ignition key turns due to internal illumination. Depending on the modification, high-contrast, easily readable devices of large diameter have white and red scales.

Honda accord

In the arrangement of numerous buttons on the front panel there is a clear logic. Devices led by a huge speedometer are equipped with the Night Panel function: in the dark you can “de-energize” all dials and leave only a glowing speedometer in sight. Among other features is the Profiler system, with which you can change the settings for the seat heating, anti-theft system, etc. The luxury version will please with a large interactive color display with touch-screen function: you can wander around the menu by touching the virtual "keys" that are displayed on the screen. Pleasant, stylish furnishings, unusual design of the front panel, plus the use of high-quality materials and perfectly fitted joints - all this testifies in general to the highest quality workmanship. Comfortable and cozy stay in the cabin create a dual-zone climate control, a CD player and a rain sensor (everything is standard). To order, you can get leather trim, DVD player, wooden inserts and side inflatable "curtains", which were used for the first Accord.

The trunk is one of the most spacious and spacious in its class. Its volume is 450 liters. The practical shape with a wide, flat floor makes it easy to place a large amount of cargo. Additional convenience is provided by an electric mechanism that allows you to open the trunk by lightly pressing the button located on the lid.

An outstanding feature of the seventh generation Accord is its aerodynamics: the drag coefficient Cx is only 0.26. Such opportunities to withstand the wind can achieve the best dynamic performance, reduce fuel consumption and improve noise insulation. In the heart of the car, only fast and energetic, completely new aluminum “quarters”: 2.0 l / 155 hp and 2.4 l / 190 hp (Type S version). All power is transmitted to the front wheels through new gearboxes. The machine has become a 5-speed and allows you to switch gears manually (Sport Shift mode). With a 2-liter engine, a 5-speed "mechanic" is aggregated, and with a 2.4-liter engine, a 6-speed one.

For the sake of increasing the smoothness of work, 2 balancing shafts were used, but the most important innovation is the I-VTEC system, which changes not only the gas distribution phases, but also the valve lift height. It guarantees powerful and fast acceleration from any speed.

Creating the seventh generation of the Accord, the company's engineers switched from the traditional double-wishbone suspension for the front and rear wheels to a more complex and improved multi-link wheel suspension, providing a special smooth ride, accuracy and stability in driving, as well as advantages in layout. 

We should also mention the brakes with an informative pedal and perfectly tuned ABS. Will delight gambling riders and VSA stabilization system. You can not reproach her for unceremonious interference in the process of driving a car: the driver may well allow himself some kind of pranks. But if the situation escalates and there is a real threat of the machine getting out of control - the VSA system is right there. And it works softly, unobtrusively and does not contradict the intentions of the driver. The basic equipment also includes EBD and emergency braking. 

Honda accord

In 2008, Honda introduced the eighth generation Accord. By tradition, the car has become bigger and more aggressive. The hood extended forward and stretched headlights added to the look of the dynamics. Behind the eighth generation can be found on the trunk-lid tilted forward and massive lights. Another innovation is the rigid structure of the front part of the body ACE Body Structure, which absorbs impact energy more efficiently. Thanks to the use of laser welding, this generation has a more durable body.

The interior has become more spacious and immune to external noise. Japanese engineers installed the fastest warm-up system, which is an important factor when used in Russian climatic conditions. In the cabin, a large display occupies a central place on the console, which is now located above the ventilation vents. In addition, for the convenience of the driver, the handbrake is even closer to the gear lever.

Honda accord

The powertrain line offers two i-VTEC gasoline engines. New 2.4 l / 201 hp consumes 8.6 liters of gasoline per 100 km and has a flexible combination of efficiency, low toxic emissions and high dynamic characteristics. The optimally balanced combination of power and fuel efficiency offers an engine capacity of 2.0 liters capacity of 156 hp. This power unit consumes only 7.2 liters of gasoline per 100 km. Both engines are compatible with a 6-speed manual transmission, equipped with a shift indicator that informs you about the optimal shift point to reduce fuel consumption. The 5-speed automatic transmission reduces fatigue and allows you to shift gears using the steering wheel paddles. When selecting the "S" mode, designed for more sporty driving, the transmission gives priority to manual control. The introduction of a new function "Kickdown" for a 5-speed automatic transmission provides, if necessary, additional acceleration. Manage all this power easily with the help of conveniently located under-steering "petals", allowing you to optimize the balance between fuel consumption and dynamic performance.

In 2011, the model has undergone a facelift. The official debut of the updated car was held at the Geneva Motor Show. As before, two body options - sedan and wagon. There are no major changes compared to the 2008 model. New acquired a grille, retouched bumpers and optics, other rear lights and a chrome strip over the rear license plate. Three new colors have appeared in the range of exterior colors.

New material upholstery seats and doors refreshes the decor of the cabin. In Type S models, the seats are half leather, half dark gray fabric, and the headrests are upholstered in black fabric, which gives the interior chic. The metallic color of the interior trim parts — on the handbrake, gearbox, steering wheel, door trim — has now become a bit darker in harmony with the new upholstery materials. Foot recesses in most models are now highlighted in blue if the headlights are on. For Type S models, the backlight color is red.

Honda Accord 2011 year

The NVH characteristics (noise, vibrations, non-smoothness of movement) of the Accord 2011 have become even better, thanks to the use of high-density foam under the hood and in the area of ​​the dashboard. Noise insulation of the floor has been improved and supplemented with soundproof screens on the DPF filter and the exhaust pipe of a diesel engine. A set of improvements completes the small 9-mm bonus to the thickness of the rear window, which obviously will please the passengers of the rear seat.

The engines moved from the dorestaylingovoy machine with a small modernization, which allowed a little to improve their economic and environmental performance. The Japanese manufacturer claims that due to the introduction of innovations they managed to achieve fuel savings of up to 10 percent. Honda Accord 2011 is offered with two petrol engines - the base is a 2.0-liter unit with a capacity of 156 hp. A more powerful 2.4-liter engine produces 200 hp already. Both can be combined as in a pair with a 6-speed manual transmission, and together with an automatic transmission.

Updated 2.2-liter diesel engine i-DTEC with 150 hp power now has less internal friction loss and is less toxic. Carbon dioxide content in the exhaust is reduced by 9 g / km for a sedan with a 6-speed manual gearbox and by 11 g / km with an automatic transmission. Model Type S received a 2.2 liter engine with 180 hp.

Plus, to increase the efficiency of the car, new aerodynamic elements were installed - a front spoiler, floor and rear amplifiers. Honda engineers also tried to reduce friction losses in wheels and tires by installing bearings with reduced friction and tires with reduced rolling resistance. Accord models equipped with an automatic transmission have reduced friction losses in the gearbox and optimized gear ratios.

Honda has added a system of additional lights, illuminating the corners (Active Cornering Lights), and the automatic high-beam switching system (High-Beam Support System). Among other innovations can also be noted reconfigured suspension.

Accord 2011 is available in three trim levels: Comfort, Sport and Executive, as well as in the version of the S-Type.

The basic equipment has: reinforcement beams located in the front doors, two airbags, three-point seat belts for passengers in the rear seats, as well as ABS and an interactive steering wheel. To enhance the body, the developers used an additional V-shaped frame, which is installed in the luggage compartment opening.

Today, Japanese cars have firmly won the market in Europe, and in our country too. They are convenient, dynamic, durable and reliable, therefore they are in demand among buyers.

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