Great wall wingle

Wingle is a 4-door pick-up truck designed by the Great Wall Automobile Holding holding in collaboration with leading design and engineering companies.


He made his debut at the Guangzhou International Motor Show in the summer of 2006. Produced at the factory of the Great Wall company in China since 2007. The model was awarded the original design, which was first made with the introduction of American style. Wingle boasts a completely distinctive appearance. Fashionable lighting, licked bumpers, nicely fitted and solidly painted body parts.

Great wall wingle

Salon meets modern interior design. By the way, it is quite convenient to sit down and leave it - the opening is almost rectangular, wide. The back seat is free; three passengers can comfortably seat there, but only two rear passengers are provided with head restraints and three-point belts. The third will have to fasten lap belt. The driver's seat has its pros and cons. It will please with a high fit and a margin of space above your head, but it will upset you with a short pillow and poorly expressed lateral support.

Available as a rear-wheel drive version of a Wingle pickup (4x2 model CC1031PS40), and all-wheel drive version (4x4) - CC1031PS60. Those who often have to move from asphalt to a country road will certainly appreciate the off-road qualities of the Wingle. The electronically connected drive with reduced transmission in combination with a high-torque engine, small overhangs and long-stroke suspension allows the car to overcome more than serious obstacles. Clearance - 194 mm.

Both versions can be supplied in standard and luxury configuration (Luxury). Comfort for the driver and passengers creates a whole range of additional options: air conditioning, electric windows and mirrors, adjustable steering wheel, leather-trimmed steering wheel and seats, a CD player, and much more. Handling is provided by power steering and ABS, and in the event of an accident, the health and life of passengers will be maintained by airbags, height adjustable straps and special safety beams at the doors.

Under the hood of the engine, which is produced by the company Great Wall in collaboration with the German company BOSCH. This is the first Chinese high-pressure diesel engine with a common rail injection system (common rail). The technologies used to create this motor have virtually eliminated the noise and vibration inherent in diesel engines, and bring emissions into compliance with the environmental standards Euro III. The power unit of 2771 cm ³ has a maximum power of 95 hp. The highest torque of 225 N • m is available in a wide range of 1600-2600 rpm.

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Such a power supply allows the car to easily maneuver in city traffic and overcome off-road even with a significant load. At the same time, Wingle boasts economy: it consumes only 9.1 on the track. liters of fuel per 100 km, and when driving in the city - up to 11.3. Another important for Russian car owners, the advantage of the new engine is an easy start in winter conditions, the pre-heating system ensures a steady start at temperatures as low as -35º.

Wingle is a combination of bright design, comfortable cabin and the power of a modern turbo diesel engine. This car makes a new look at the concept of "Chinese pickup."

The restyled version of the Wingle 3 pickup was designated the Wingle 5. It first appeared before the public in 2009, and its sales in Russia began in June 2011.

Wingle 3 was distinguished by unpretentiousness, original design and rather high quality of performance at a low price. Having retained most of these advantages, the Chinese manufacturer has already proposed a more modern car, both externally and technically.

Frame all-wheel drive five-seater pickup Wingle 5 is built on the basis of the Hover H5. It differs from the previous generation model with an improved design, modern design and higher-quality finishing materials.

The appearance of the car has changed, following the requirements of the automobile fashion. Great Wall Wingle 5 received individual traits, losing its resemblance to the Toyota 4Runner. Modified the front part of the body - headlights, falshradiatornuyu grille and bumper, and the rest of the car's appearance has not changed. In general, the exterior is devoid of any identity and is very trivial. High ground clearance (194 mm) and four-wheel drive improved the car’s permeability, but did not convert it to the category of full-fledged off-road cars.

The interior of the salon Great Wall Wingle 5 did not receive bright design solutions, but it cannot be called old-fashioned either. In this generation, the driver's seat is raised, added adjustment tilt steering. The quality of the finishing materials has also improved. By the way, the car is able to take on board 5 people and transport cargo in a body, weighing up to 975 kg.

As the only powertrain for the Great Wall Wingle 5, a 4-cylinder gasoline engine with a capacity of 2.2 liters and 106 hp is offered. It aggregates with a 5-speed manual gearbox and, according to the manufacturer, consumes 9.7 liters of fuel per 100 km in the combined cycle.

Pickup Great Wall Wingle 5 is equipped with a system of plug-in all-wheel drive with electronic control and the ability to select one of 3 modes - 2H, 4H and 4L downshift - by pressing the corresponding button on the front panel.

On the Russian market, the Great Wall Wingle 5 is available in two trim levels: Standard and Suite. Already in the database there are air conditioning, power steering, ABS, AM / FM / CD-radio with four speakers, front windows, immobilizer and central locking with remote control. A little different from the "base" grade "luxury", including leather interior, lightweight wheels, power windows of all doors and electric mirrors. As additional options are offered parking radar, heated mirrors, ABS with brake force distribution, two front airbags. For an additional fee, you can also purchase one of the three types of kung, threshold protection, metal engine protection and handouts.

It remains to add that the pickup truck Great Wall Wingle 5 received a certificate of conformity WVTA, which is a prerequisite for selling a car in the territory of the European Union.

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