Great wall safe (suv g5)

Off-road Great Wall Safe SUV F1 moves across the river

Great Wall Safe debuted in 2002.

The mid-size SUV Safe resembles the second-generation Toyota 4Runner, especially this fact emphasizes the side windows, calling on the roof. However, the direct "photocopy" of these cars can not be called. Structurally, Great Wall Safe is 95% unified with Toyota. First of all - appearance. The body is almost identical to the donor. The Chinese have reworked the front of the car in accordance with current standards. The headlights, the grille, the front bumper, and, of course, the manufacturer's emblem have changed - now it is one of the teeth of the Great Wall of China encased in an oval. And in the exterior of the car added the appropriate chrome. Safe has a very high fit (according to the passport to the crankcase 26 cm).

Drive Great Wall Safe - full, with a rigidly connected front axle. Note that there is a rear wheel drive version. Both versions are equipped with a 2.3-liter gasoline engine GW491QE R4 8V with 105 hp. together with a five-speed manual gearbox. This power unit is interesting because it is a licensed version of the very popular "toyotovskogo" engine, known for past generations of Toyota Camry. Pistons, connecting rods, crankshaft and cylinder block remained unchanged, but the timing mechanism and the cylinder head are from China’s own production. This intervention deformed the power unit a little, but made it possible to fill the SUV with AI-92 gasoline and reduced the total load on the unit. In the combined cycle of movement, according to the manufacturer, Great Wall Safe will be completely satisfied with 9-11 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

The chassis frame, galvanized body, independent front torsion bar suspension, rear - dependent spring.

If we talk about comfort, then Great Wall Safe has it at an acceptable level. Salon with the front panel, decorated with an aluminum overlay, looks pretty solidly. Even the markings of the scales were made similar to the battlements of the wall, which is on the company logo Safe. Torpedo and dashboard are made of inexpensive plastic. The seat position can be adjusted along the length, angle of the back, as well as the inclination of the front of the pillow and the lumbar support. The steering column is adjustable in angle, and the steering wheel is leather trimmed. The second row of seats folds in the proportion of 50:50, and first you need to fold the pillow, and then lay back in its place. In the final procedure, we get a flat platform for a load of almost two meters in length and a volume of a couple of thousand liters. The luggage compartment and in the standard position is very spacious.

The basic package includes power, climate control, central locking, electric windows and mirrors, audio system with CD, and for an extra charge all wheel drive is connected, leather trim, metallic paint.

Four-wheel drive (permanent drive to the rear wheels), a reduced number of gears, together with a high and reliable suspension ensure the Safe top passability. Plus a powerful frame, 205 mm ground clearance and huge wheels 235 / 75R15.

The results of the crash test Safe confirmed: the car fully complies with European safety requirements. The tests were carried out in accordance with the European UNECE Regulations No. 94 (frontal impact on a deformable obstacle with a 40% overlap at a speed of 56 km / h). The data obtained during the crash test, proved the full compliance of Great Wall Safe security level with European requirements.

For the domestic market, similar models of the 2005 model year Pegasus SUV are offered with the original design of the front part of the Socool C3 and Sing SUV pickup, styled as the popular Nissan Paladin SUV. A diesel engine with a volume of 2.8 liters, which develops 78 hp, is also installed on these models as options.

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