Great wall hover


The full-size frame SUV Great Wall Hover was launched in 2005. The car was created based on the Isuzu Axiom, produced from 2001 to 2004 in the United States. The body and chassis of these cars are almost identical, but, the truth, there are many differences. The Axiom's clumsy design is a thing of the past; the Hover looks quite modern and even respectable. Quite large sizes inspire respect. The headlights crawl slightly on the front fenders, which is quite consistent with automotive fashion, even if this fashion is not the first freshness. The rear part is decorated with lanterns stretched vertically and “cheeks” in the lower part of the rear optics, effectively emphasized by stamping, rolling from the rear wings to the fifth door.

Hover perfectly combines the design of the crossover and a full range of options for this SUV. From the side it looks decent and looks very nice.

But the interior can not be called a logical continuation of the exterior. Inside, everything is done simply and succinctly. Ascetic interior trimmed with inexpensive plastic. Some variety in the interior brings a two-tone upholstery - black top, mustard-beige bottom. The steering wheel is also sheathed in two-tone leather, and the steering column is height adjustable. The driver's seat has electric adjustment. It moves forward / backward and can change the angle of the backrest. The instrument panel is not overloaded with indicators, the information is read well. Under the central armrest is a CD changer for 6 CDs, there is a climate control system.

Under the hood of a Hover, the Mitsubishi engine is known for its Galant and Space Gear models from the 90s. The volume of the power unit is 2.4 l. Power 128 hp.

Element hover where the asphalt ends. Off-road engine provides not only good traction, but also excellent elasticity. As for the cross, then, given the rigidly connected four-wheel drive and downshift in the transmission, it should be recognized: off-road capabilities of the car are limited only by concerns about the safety of painted bumpers. Torsion bar front suspension and spring rear suspension provide smooth movement off-road. In short, the all-terrain hover is at its best.

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