Great wall hover h3

Great Wall Hover H3 debuted in 2010.

Great Wall Hover H3 - Condition with mileage of 200 thousand km. (A Chinese man who could!)

Hover H3 is a deep restyling of the car Hover. Externally, the H3 is not very different from its predecessor. The front and rear bumper changed the shade to a darker side. The moldings are slightly widened, the contours of the rear wing have inconspicuously changed. The front turn signals moved from the wings to the rear-view mirrors, and the "dead zone" was noticeably widened on the driver's mirror. The rear number is now highlighted not from the sides, but from above, and there is an opening between the backlight for installing a rear view camera. The new grille fits into the overall design more organically than its predecessor. Changes declared by the company in the optics of the headlights with the naked eye are unlikely to be noticed. Large optics, massive chrome false radiator grille, wide mouth of the air intake - the Hover looks like it should be a serious SUV.

Great Wall Hover H3 2010

In the work on the interior were taken into account and eliminated some of the shortcomings of the previous model. In the interior decoration used hard black plastic with leatherette inserts. In short, everything is restrained and concise. The innovations introduced, primarily aimed at improving comfort.

Honest owner review about Great Wall Hover H3 New

Hover H3 got new governing bodies. On the right-wheel switch, a swiveling head of the rear wiper appeared, and the management of the front wipers, apart from two fixed modes, now has the “Auto” position, in which the operation of the wipers is controlled by the rain sensor. The front seats are quite comfortable, high landing, have electric heating, and the driver's seat is also equipped with electric position adjustment. The radio tape recorder reads both CD and MP3 formats, and is also equipped with a USB connector.

Great Wall Hover H3 has two configurations: "Suite" and "Superlux." Differences between them at least. “Superlux”, for example, boasts an electric sunroof, leather upholstery in return for velor, a DVD player and a rear-view camera. Both configurations have parking sensors, a light sensor that automatically turns on the lights at dusk, climate control, power steering, front airbags, ABS, EBD (system of redistribution of braking forces between the wheels), alloy wheels, electric mirrors, power windows and remote central locking.

Great Wall Hover H3 2010

Under the hood, the Great Wall Hover H3 is a two-liter four-cylinder petrol engine from Mitsubishi with a capacity of 122 hp. (at 5250 rpm). Maximum torque of 175 Nm is reached already at 2500 rpm. Attached to the motor is a five-speed manual gearbox with a slightly modified gear ratio compared to the previous model. Maximum speed - 150 kilometers per hour. Fuel consumption is 10.8 liters per hundred in the city, 8.2 liters - beyond.

The front suspension of the Hover H3 independent torsion bar, double-lever, rear - dependent spring. To counter the moderate off-road "Hover" has a plug-in all-wheel drive (the rest of the time Hover H3 - rear-wheel drive) and downshifts. The minimum clearance is at least 18 centimeters. Add to this the 600-liter trunk, capable of turning into a 2326-liter with the rear seats folded down, and you get a real workhorse for all sorts of tourist trips. 

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