Great wall florid

Florid is the first passenger car in the Great Wall model range.


The hatchback was first introduced in November 2006 at the International Auto Show in Beijing, but serial production was launched only in 2008. The basis for this model was the popular in Japan and the United States Toyota IST (Scion xA). Proportional lines of the body, relief wheel arches, as well as the effect of a free-lying roof, due to the original glazing and black painted middle pillars look quite modern.

Great wall florid

The similarity with the Japanese progenitor can be traced in the interior of Florid. The front panel was borrowed from a Japanese donor with minor changes. So ergonomics at altitude. Large buttons and knobs make it easy, without being distracted from driving, to change the audio system and air conditioner settings. Moreover, the settings of the radio can be controlled remotely using buttons located on the steering wheel, which are illuminated at night. All panels are made quite high quality, have a nice texture and well fitted.

Seats will delight passengers with a good profile, but the range of adjustments is small. In the back row, three people can easily accommodate.

Carro Chino GREAT WALL Florid Cross, el Mito de Calidad 6 años después. 2011 - 2017

At the same time they have enough space not only in width, but also for the legs, and above the head. In the fight for space for passengers hurt the trunk. In normal condition, its volume is 330 liters, if you tilt the back of the rear seat, the size of the usable space increases to 1038 liters. Here are just loading / unloading inconvenient. And the floor of the luggage compartment, and the opening of the fifth door are high.

Florid can be equipped with a gasoline engine with a displacement of 1.3 liters (87 hp) or 1.5 liters (99 hp), or a diesel engine with a displacement of 1.2 liters and a power of 74 hp. All engines comply with the Euro-4 standard and have low fuel consumption. Drive - front, gearbox - manual, 5-speed. Ground clearance 121 mm.

The use of MacPherson’s compact independent front suspension with anti-roll bars in combination with a semi-independent rear suspension (vertical torsion beam) made it possible to achieve fairly stable steering characteristics.

Reinforced metal roof design provides torsional body strength. The basic equipment of the car includes ABS (anti-lock braking system), EBD (brake force distribution system), power steering and two airbags.

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