Great wall deer

Great wall deer g3

Great Wall Motors Ltd. is one of the largest car manufacturer in China. It includes more than 10 subsidiaries that produce cars, trucks and buses. In 2004, GreatWall was included in the TOP 10 largest enterprises in China. The annual volume of its production amounted to more than 200,000 cars.

The Deer family of all-wheel drive Chinese off-road vehicles, created using the Toyota Hi-Lux pickup chassis, includes four pickups, including a passenger Deer G1 with a single cab, a larger Deer G2 with a one-and-a-half cab, the most popular in the Deer G3 family with increased clearance and optional four-wheel drive, as well as the Deer G5 with a long body (wheelbase 3380 mm).

Great Wall Deer G1 - Double two-door pickup with rear wheel drive. The car has excellent handling and excellent visibility.

Great Wall Deer G2 - five-seater two-door pickup frame. Its passengers feel the extra stability and reliability that the extended wheelbase and the elongated body give. This version can lift up to 850 kilograms of cargo. Affordable car for business and leisure.

The Great Wall Deer G3 is a full-size five-seater four-door pickup. It has everything that is inherent in the best SUVs - a reduced number of gears, four-wheel drive (optional), frame structure, protective beams in the doors, a galvanized body, differential lock and high ground clearance. In any weather and in any terrain, he will feel confident. Comfort in the cabin will provide excellent sound insulation, air conditioning, wood trim, audio system, comfortable and high-quality seats, specially designed for Russia (increased their width and the course of adjustments). Complement the picture of the system SABS - brake force distribution, which allows you to prevent side slipping and skidding of the car, alloy wheels and power accessories. Deer G3 on request are equipped with a rigid removable riding on a cargo platform.

The Great Wall Deer G4 is a five-seat, four-door pickup truck that takes up an intermediate position between the Deer G3 and the Deer G5. The dimensions of its cargo platform are 1600x1460x405. It allows you to carry more cargo than the Great Wall Deer G3, a double cabin accommodates 5 people. This makes the Deer G4 pickup more practical and economically attractive.

Great Wall Deer G5 - five-seater four-door pickup. Different from the Deer G3 elongated body. This model is truly the embodiment of the world trend of combining functionality and aesthetics in the design of pickups. The cargo compartment is designed with great art and fabrication, thanks to which the pickup truck has a high loading capacity. The versatility of this model allows you to carry a variety of cargoes, including large ones.

Deer G3 and G5 are available only with a double cabin, and on request they are equipped with a rigid removable top over the cargo platform.

All versions for Russia are so far equipped only with a 2.3-liter gasoline engine GW491QE R4 8V with 105 hp power, aggregated with a 5-speed manual gearbox. However, the order can be installed and diesel 4D28 78 hp Four-wheel drive, too, only on request.

Front suspension - torsion, independent. Rear - suspended axle suspended springs.

The cargo compartment of the Deer is “autonomous” and in no way communicates with the passenger compartment. Access to the trunk opens the lift glass and fold-back tailgate. Unfortunately, there are no additional devices for securing cargo.

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