Great wall cowry

Cowry is the first Chinese compact minivan (MPV), which has been manufactured since 2007.

Great Wall Cowry Auto-Moto

For its release, the Great Wall company specially rebuilt an entire enterprise in the city of Baoding (Hebei Province, China) and equipped it with the latest equipment.

Great wall cowry

The model was initially developed not only for the domestic market, but also for export to Asia and even Europe. At the heart of the Cowry is Toyota Voxy. The car embodies the calm and elegance, functionality and compactness of a modern urban minivan. Cowry has a practical character, which is primarily reflected in its original design. The design of the 5-door body and wide doors create maximum comfort when boarding passengers. It is noteworthy that the front doors are hinged, and the rear - sliding. The minivan can easily accommodate 8 people, while the luggage compartment volume is 809 liters. Convertible salon provides maximum comfort for passengers and unique opportunities for the transportation of bulky cargo. If necessary, the seats of the second and third row are folded, forming a bulk cargo platform. At the same time, the amount of luggage increases from 809 to 1059 liters.

The interior is plain. The dashboard design is made at the level of world automakers, devices and the display are placed in the center, under them is the gearshift lever. Salon meets high bus landing. Two glove compartments, a sliding drawer to the left of the steering column, even at the door, besides pockets, a secret for small things. - Great Wall Cowry (July 7, 2008)

The back seat not only folds, but also moves in parts. Three in the back seat is not very at ease. There is enough space in the legs, but it is cramped in the shoulders.

Great wall cowry

The large wheelbase (2.8 m) and soft suspension ensure smooth movement and comfort even on a winding and uneven road. Modern 4-cylinder minivan engine, 2.0 liter capacity, 143 hp With the variable valve timing system, MIVEC meets Euro 4 standards. The engine is manufactured at the Great Wall plant under a license from Mitsubishi and embodies advanced technologies and design solutions, providing stable power and good fuel economy. Cowry is equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission. According to official data, the acceleration time of the car to 100 km / h is 20 seconds. The maximum speed is 170 km / h. The fuel consumption declared by the manufacturer is 9 liters per 100 km. Tires - 195 / 65R15 or 205 / 55R16.

Modern security system - a guarantee of preserving the life and health of passengers. The basic kit includes front airbags, ABS and EBD. The luxury version differs from the basic version of a double electric sunroof, the ability to connect a mobile phone via Bluetooth, a DVD player (CD player in the basic package), leather-trimmed seats, heated rear and front windows and a system that prevents the window raiser from clamping foreign objects.

Automobile holding Great Wall plans to start assembling Cowry vehicles in Russia at its own assembly production, which is located in the territory of the special economic zone "Alabuga" (Elabuga, Tatarstan).

Great Wall Cowry is a good helper both at leisure and in business.

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