Gmc jimmy

The GMC Jimmy is a mid-size SUV.

What Ever Happened To That $ 400 GMC Jimmy?

It has a toned and dynamic appearance. Courageous appearance complemented by wide wheel arches and a predatory grille with a company logo. The name of the car in the miners slang means "trolley." Originally designed for the army. In 1994 he went into mass production. At the heart of the car is the famous platform S.

The model was produced in several versions, with different configurations: GMC Jimmy, GMC Jimmy 4WD, GMC Jimmy Wagon, GMC Jimmy Wagon 4WD. The Wagon series was distinguished by the presence of 5 doors, and the technical characteristics of all versions were the same. By the way, Jimmy 4WD appeared only in 1995, and differed from its predecessors in large dimensions.

Jimmy could boast of excellent traction qualities and a confident start at the start. Frame construction, self-locking differentials freed the driver from having to think about when and what to enable / disable. Under the hood is a 4.3 liter naturally-aspirated engine with a capacity of 190 liters. With., which is aggregated with a 4-speed automatic transmission. Later, a five-speed manual gearbox appeared, but it was installed only on a model with two doors.

Jimmy can be safely called a legendary car.

5 Speed ​​GMC Jimmy SOLD FOR SCRAP ?!

He became a hero of his time, was the first in many respects. His friendly and comely forms indicated that the exterior of the SUV does not have to be brutal. The interior is spacious, inexpensive materials were used in its decoration. In standard situations, the trunk volume is decent, and if you fold the back seat (fully or in parts), you can get a whole cargo area. In the five-door version of 2.1 m³. In addition, the floor has four metal eyelets, with which you can easily fix any large load. The SUV has good sound insulation and decent smoothness.

The manufacturer equipped the SUV with air conditioning, climate control, an automatic window control system, a stereo system with a CD player, and for the safety of child passengers, there are door locks on the rear doors.

Jimmy - a reliable assistant for lovers of outdoor activities. On it you can safely go hunting, to the sea or for mushrooms. This practical American has an amazing cross. With him, any trip will be comfortable, regardless of weather and road conditions.

The model underwent improvements every year, until 2001, when Jimmy was replaced by Envoy.

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