Gmc canyon

GMC pickup debuted in Q3 2003.

2018 GMC Canyon 3.6 L V6 Review Test drive

Production started at the plant in Shreveport (Louisiana). The design of this car with a larger cabin and more spacious than the predecessor Sonoma body, similar to the pickup Chevrolet Colorado. The main differences between the GMC Canyon and the Chevrolet Colorado are the exterior of the front section with a large chrome mask of complex shape that simultaneously surrounds the grille and dividing lighting engineering into two parts (unlike the horizontal bars of the Colorado). Complementing the picture is the traditionally large GMC red emblem.

2019 GMC Canyon All Terrain

The interior of the Canyon is not as utilitarian as the Chevrolet, for example, the center console GMC with aluminum coating. The rest of the set of equipment and power units with transmissions from GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado is almost identical.

The design features are more durable and torsional and bending tough frame made by hydroforming, new independent front suspension design (spring for 2WD and torsion for 4WD), as well as inline multi-valve engines. In the rear suspension, a rigid bridge on multi-leaf springs was used, the classic for such cars.

Since the fall of 2006, sales of the upgraded Canyon began with a new range of aluminum engines with WT phase shifters with a volume of 2.9 liters R416V (185 liters, s, 258 Nm) and 3.7 liters R5 20V (242 hp, 328 Nm) ), equipped as standard (except Crew Cab) 5-speed manual transmission, and for a fee - a 4-speed automatic transmission. 4WD all-wheel drive versions are equipped with an Insta-Trak all-wheel drive plug-in system with a 3-mode transfer gearbox (2HI / 4HI / 4LO).

Cabin types: basic single Regular Cab (up to 3 passengers, luggage capacity 1245l), one-and-a-half Extended Cab (up to 5 passengers) and double Crew Cab (up to 6 passengers, luggage compartment volume 1040 l), front seat either split or with a common a pillow. In the 2005 model year, the Canyon received leather trim for the Extended Cab version, a customized sunroof, an extended body in conjunction with standard and a half-length cab, a customized MP3 player in the radio.

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