Gaz partizan

GAZ-66 or Hummer in Russian

The GAZ-66 Partizan is an all-wheel-drive off-road vehicle of all terrain that was developed by the Russian automobile company GAZ (Gorky Automobile Plant). This car was built on the basis of the previously existing model GAZ-66. Despite the fact that many of the details of the Partizan were unified with its predecessor, many changes and improvements were made during its creation. So, for example, the GAZ-66 engine was shifted back and lowered into the frame, and the engine and the power steering pump were attached to the engine. The hood and cargo compartment of the car were made of fiberglass reinforced with a metal frame according to the original matrices, while the passenger cabin design is based on the parts of the same GAZ-66 cab. It should be noted that the glazing is also completely unified with the 66th. Although at first glance it may seem that the car sits quite high, but in fact the actual ground clearance is not great at all and is only 260 mm. In addition, when driving off-road you should not forget that the car is not difficult to put on the bridges. Outwardly, the "Partizan" is very similar to the American SUV called the "Hummer H-1." The wheelbase of the car is 3,300 mm, the length is 4,860 mm, the width is 2,177 mm, and the height is 1,902 mm.

Under the hood, an eight-cylinder engine V8 ZMZ-66-06 with a volume of 4.25 liters and a power of 125 hp. As for the transmission, the car was equipped with a 4-speed manual gearbox with a two-stage transfer case. The maximum speed of the car is 110 km / h, and acceleration to 60 km / h - 20 seconds. The braking system of the SUV was dual-circuit with power and included front and rear drum brakes. The steering was also equipped with a hydraulic booster. The steering mechanism was based on a globoidal worm with a three-ridge roller.

The front and rear suspension “Partizan” were dependent on semi-elliptical springs with shock absorbers, and the ends of the main sheets were installed in rubber pads support brackets.

Salon GAZ "Partizan", which installed four soft seats is very spacious. Finishing the interior will not be able to please. Here is a harsh instrument panel, made of gray plastic, with simple devices on it. In fact, the manufacturer had no plans to create a comfortable interior and equip it with electronics. After all, the car wore more economic purpose. "Partizan" is perfect for trips over rough terrain and severe off-road.

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